Jews are controlling the world by proxy

May 3, 2017, 11:55 am

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I was just trying to figure this out since the Rothschilds are a real thing. They do have the power but who says that they use the power to do bad things? Maybe they use it to ensure their survival? They have no interest in a nuclear war since they will lose it all so what if they actually try to keep a global relative peace. What if they fight against global warming? We cant know. They are too secretive.

3 years ago

As for Rothschild's.. i dont think its jewish motives that brought them there. You guys may be right, there may be individual or family interests but not especially ''jew'' interests. I'm sure even jews have arguments and ennemies among themselves.

3 years ago

Yeah you may be right. I'm saying things that are only correlation not causation.

There isnt any hard proof that could support my topic, or maybe noone that i found yet. Therefore it is illogical to make that statement.

The powers balance in the world may be actually imbalanced, and some families have the real power, but i cant know unless i get involved in that power fight.

3 years ago

The problem with your whole argument is that you are assuming that Judaism is this secret club where they all conspire. I don't know of any religion where that is the case. if you want to convince people that Judaism is unlike every other religion on the planet, the burden of proof is on you.

you can't just say "look at the small number of rich Jewish people, they must be working together" and expect to be taken seriously by people who aren't conspiracy nuts.

3 years ago

Ofcourse they are not all linked and related. But jews as a culture builded alot. Some jews are big and important. This allows for another important jew to contact the 1st and even to allow them to be solidary. They can easily influence one another and ask favors or help eachother out for the sake of the 'jew'.

This is power potential for jews. They have access to most parts of the world that normal people dont have. (Geographically but also socially)

3 years ago
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Well, yes because of the proxy we cant really prove anything. But the Rothschild family is big. They are established globally and they are more than 100 today. I guess that in their family there are some 20 central people who hold the wealth. They make decisions in order to maintain that wealth right? Because its what makes them no1. I'm sure they also have ennemy families or fights to fight. But they can also want more. And that's what i'm saying. Their power is so huge that its totally plausible that they control alot of major things by proxy (like the economy of a region).

3 years ago
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nevertheless how does 1 family's wealth translate to an ethnic advantage? sounds like a successful individual passed his knowledge and fortune on to his children. what does that have to do with the Jewish people?

Facebook, Google, Steven Spielberg, EINSTEIN!!!! these don't sound like a conspiracy but great minds who pioneered their fields! if these are blood related, should we not celebrate them?

are you holding their wealth against them? unlike certain execs who profit off planetary destruction and lobby to stop progressive technology, these companies are investing billions into new ways of living. not that they aren't motivated by profit, but pioneers are of a different caliber than obstructionist.

and none of these are leadership posts. Jews have not held a seat of power in any nation besides isreal... and maybe 1 or 2 senators, only here, only recently.

3 years ago

Rothschilds are much wealthier than the others. They own almost every central nemi

3 years ago

you named a few individuals who made money, but no evidence of them using their jewness to achieve that money.

zuckerberg made millions off of his great ideas and a few of his friends ideas he stole, kinda like Bill Gates who made even more in similar ways and wasn't Jewish.

same with Rothschild, yes they are probably part of the ruler class, but so are the Kochs, not sure if vanderbilts are still there, and many other insanely rich families that aren't Jewish.

it really just seems that you are trying to say that jews are just individually superior and exceptional at difficult tasks, cause you didn't actually provide any proof of a conspiracy of extra advantage, just a bunch of success stories that have plenty of similar nonjewish examples as well.

3 years ago

What im saying is that their jew culture and links allow them to have more freedom trough favors, influence and money. They can basically accomplish anything they want to. And they control world's economy trough bank lendings. Most of major countries have huge amounts of debt. Debt to who do u think? To banks. Leaded by the rothschild. If they want a country to do a specific thing, they can ask it and in exchange offer to cut a part of the debt off. Its only one of the many ways to influence a country.

3 years ago

-Rothschild family, one of the richest families on earth, made fortune trough banks and money lending, own most of national banks in europe and the US one
-Mark Zuckenberg is jew, founder of facebook and one of the most influencial people of today's world (he basically can control public opinion)
-Sergey Brin founder of google
-Rahm Emanuel white house chief of staff
-Steven Spielberg
-Albert Einstein
-Sigmund Freud
etc etc
There are alot of jew people in all major fields of today's world: politics, culture, science..

3 years ago
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