Justin Beiber sucks

January 18, 2016, 12:58 pm

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well I could say his lyrics sucks especially 'just the way you are' and also I see him bitchy,less manly..

3 years, 4 months ago

He is only 21 years old. wtf are his parents doing? I put a lot of the blame on the parents if your kid is a total a** by 21.

4 years ago

Justin Beiber had the potential to be realy good. having seen some of his early you to be stuff he has a good voice but he pretty much ruined his chances by becoming a prize dick! his songs heavily auto-tuned , nothing original and he himself is a complete idiot. smoking god knows what, drink driving swearing, giving abuse peeing on fans!! quite frankly I think he is a cocky little s*** who had thenpotential to be great but was more. concerned about how cool he was than actually making good music!!

4 years ago

never say never was bad. 1. the song has never in it a lot of times, but we're not supposed to say never right? 2. there are times when someone should say "never" like if someone offers drugs.
3. it is sung by a crimminal
4. the crimminal is on a bunch of auto tune while singing.
5. the rest of the lyrics are bad.
6. the song simply sounds awful.

4 years ago
replied to...

never say never wasn't so bad. and I've never heard that people who break the law suck. maybe they are criminals. I disagree that criminals suck. if you go back to his old YouTube where he sang before he became famous you'll hear his real voice, and that many people think he can sing

4 years ago

at singing he sucks, but we never get to hear his voice cause of all that auto tune he is on. he also is a bad person who breaks the law. his songs are some of the worst. Never say Never may be the worst song that got famous.

4 years ago

at singing?

4 years ago
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