Make Physical Education Compulsory

February 2, 2020, 5:35 am

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btw, those with asthma, arthritis and other illnesses should also exercise. they just have more limits. proper exercise will make their conditions better overall. sedentary will only make their breathing and joints worse.

everyone should exercise. limited exercise, maybe. but never no exercise.

2 months ago
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asthma or illness can get him a medical exception, but if he doesn't want to run... heck yeah force him to run. and yeah punish him for not running.

2 months ago

Why make it compulsory? What if the child has asthma or illness? What if the child is not interested of sports? Would you punish the students for not running?

2 months ago

It is, unless you have a valid reason for exemption.

2 months ago
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