Make up must not be tested on animals

March 5, 2014, 3:57 pm

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It will make the animals suffer if the make up is not good for their skin. It may contain chemical substances. If we are really sure about the make up, it will be okay to test it to animals. We have to take care of animals, so testing them with the make up is not a good idea .It will only hurt them if the make up is not a good one.

6 years ago

But there could be a more humane way than testing on animals. Half of the issue is not what the chemicals and the makeup does to them, its the condition and the way they are treated. If there was a symbiotic way in which we could test on animals while giving them the care they need during and after their "use". I think there would be less of an issue. Not to mention there could be better ways such as using chemicals on a human skin substitute that react when a dangerous chemical comes into contact with it. Makeup companies are not willing to spend the money for more humane alternatives.

6 years ago

Then what? Mannequins? There needs to be some level of safety testing before humans get involved. Now, you could argue that all this make-up isn't necessary in the first place, thus leaving animals out of it entirely, and I would agree with you. But I'd like to see all these animal rights activists start lining up at laboratories to test out new chemicals on their faces before I start taking them seriously.

6 years, 3 months ago
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