Math is the most important subject

October 25, 2015, 7:06 pm

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All Subjects r EquallY important

2 years, 7 months ago

if we dont have the calculation tools, the answer would be yes!

4 years, 1 month ago
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Things like compound interest should be of interest to everyone since either you will be saving and it is important to know how your money will grow, or you will likely have debt and it is very important to know how that can grow too if you aren't careful.

Beyond that general case it largely depends on what you want to do, but it shows up in many places. There are the obvious cases of engineers and other technical professions, so I will ignore them,but there are some surprising ones as well. If you are a contractor who is pouring concrete for the base of a circular pool, how much do you need? You need to calculate the area of a circle (trigonometry) multiply it by the desired depth and that gives you cubic meters of concrete needed. Then you have to figure out water and concrete proportions to make the desired volume.

4 years, 1 month ago

Basic maths may be important as we need them in our day to day activities. but what is the use of higher maths when what u do or wanna become is totally independent on this higher level maths.

4 years, 1 month ago
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Lol I was thinking so specifically that I didn't even think about that. Indeed, communication is extremely helpful.

4 years, 1 month ago

I feel that languages are. Communication is key

4 years, 1 month ago

Math is important for everyone. From making a budget to doing your taxes, dealing with money is always a matter of math. It is also a big part of our development technologically since programming, engineering and robotics all use a great deal of math.

While it certainly is debatable, there is substantial weight to the idea that math is the most important subject both personally and societally.

4 years, 2 months ago

I say no. We don't need a lot of subjects but I have to say that I think mathematics is one of the least important. Of course, this depends on what you plan on doing with your life. If you want to be a chemical engineer, well damn, some mathematics is going to be pretty pertinent. However, if one chooses to be a visual artist, mathematics is almost completely unnecessary -- almost. Of course, an adult has bills to sort and most visual artists go to college to indulge in their passions, which could easly lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to pay off, but that isn't completely relevant given it would be possible for said visual artist to hire an accountant. My point is, the question is not whether mathematics is, definitively, the most important subject, but whether it is the most important subject to YOU. Saying that mathematics is the most important subject would be like saying that blue is absolutely the most fashionable color. Ultimately, it's only a matter of opinion.

4 years, 2 months ago
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