Maybe the purpose of life is to look for the purpose of life

June 15, 2014, 5:11 pm

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the purpose of life is to enjoy oneself, to live as happily and morally clean as possible.

5 years ago

No one looks for something once they have found it.

But if this were true, one who had found the purpose of life would also be looking for it. But this is impossible.

So if this were true, no one could be looking for or have found the purpose of life, because anyone looking for it has found it, and anyone who has found it must be looking for it, which we already established was impossible. Since one cannot do both, and cannot do one (since each implies the other) one can only do neither.

So if the purpose of life is to look for it, then, no one has found it and no one is looking for it. But someone is looking for it: the one who asked this question. Therefore that is not the purpose of life.

5 years ago
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