Mean and evil people hate you if you give them anything valuable because they hate giving to others

May 13, 2018, 9:09 pm

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The objective of those who reject given valuables is to be able to tell someone in need that nothing is available with the sadistic grin across ones face.
In certain areas where starvation is common, the banditry will collect all the freely given items, in order to hoard and sell it.

8 months ago
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You just want to hide your crooks who terrorize and laugh at those who don't have anything valuable to give anyone. You are one of those who would take everyone's paper money away so those with coins can laugh. You need sadistic excuses to make sure some of the humans are poor, so you and your allies can mistreat them, mistreat them for both being poor, and then daring to ask one of your criminals for something valuable for free.

8 months ago
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There are sociopathic, manipulative types who give to others to cultivate a sense of superiority, to manipulate others into feeling as though they owe a debt, and more. Disarming people of their ability to reject gifts given insincerely gives sociopaths a leg up on the rest of humanity.

8 months ago
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Muslims are ordered to show gratitude when given things of value. It has nothing to do with whether the Muslim actually is needy.
How is that a Muslim can have nothing to give a needy person who asks for something other than to be prayed for, unless it is a Muslim who refuses to accept charity from those who are willing to give?
There is no better move than to give to the person you ask something of, but they have nothing to give.
There is no evil in having nothing to give, the evil comes only once that one claims the giver is patronizing and thus refuses to accept things they can then give.

8 months, 2 weeks ago

Psychopathic types are actually very big fans of receiving. But you are on to something, as it's not uncommon for manipulative types to act unimpressed, hoping to manipulate those codependent on them into giving more gifts in efforts to impress.
As for being Muslim, psychopaths are always psychopathic. If one method of manipulation is socially unacceptable, they simply find another. They are excellent chameleons, and in any hierarchy will very often rise to power. I have no doubt that Muslim institutions are not an exception.

8 months, 2 weeks ago

I call it the Muslim test 101.
Muslims are supposed to specialize in kindness and giving.
Those who are actually Muslim pass the test.
Give to someone who is Muslim, just to note the response.
Don't give pork or liquor though.
Give something with monetary value to a stranger, something that may be easily exchanged, traded or sold.
If that person becomes angry, insolent, and abuses you, they failed, and nothing but a lying faker.
Some people dress and appear as Muslims just so they can be mean and abuse Muslims while pretending to outsiders that that's the way Muslims treat each other.

8 months, 2 weeks ago

Sometimes the only way to look at a person's heart color is to give them something of value.
If they are an evildoer, not only will they refuse to thank you, they will insult you and say anything they can to harm you.
It's because they don't want to give anyone else in the world, as you freely gave to them.

8 months, 2 weeks ago
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