Men who refuse to be seen alive with their wives and biological children before dying are animals

May 17, 2018, 11:26 am

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You nonmuslims have misinformation about Jesus.
All Muslims will tell you our wives are allowed to come in heaven with us.
Your men are foolish as Boston Corbett for believing that you have to have sex with as many women as you can before dying.
Your women think the same foolishness and try to have sex with as many different men as they can before dying.
Must be going to hell, if you think the quest for eternal companions is a waste of time, so screw everybody in the orgies of Las Vegas.

11 months, 4 weeks ago

No, they're just rude and stupid. When he said "til death do us part" it means "til death do us part".

12 months ago
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Cults commonly find themselves restricted by secular governments. This is not proof of a satanic seige on Mecca, it's just the same old story of human superstition over and over again.

1 year ago

The false god police are the biggest ID salesmen on the planet. They use the ID game to attack only poor men who are fortunate enough to have bought a car to aid their children. They are much more interested in taking that car to place a burden on the family than they are of forcing a man who hates wives and biological children of his own to go buy an ID card, especially if that one doesn't even have a car, and wouldn't buy one if he had the money to do so.

1 year ago
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Even to enter the Holy city of Mecca, they will force you to buy an ID from nonmuslims in order to enter, while Islamic law clearly states that the credentials for entry are being a Muslim.
Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam, if the devil managed to wrest control of the entry gates to the black house in Mecca, then he is having a ball using ICE to force people to buy ID in America with the White house.
Those people you are forced to purchase ID from aren't gods, no more than Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy government was. There are many fools who think that the closest government entity to themselves is actually a god, that they will worship and die in it's defence.

1 year ago
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what do you mean by buy an "Id"

1 year ago
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That's one of the fundamental problems with those men. They have no reason to want either unless I tell them why they should at least have the aspiration. If all they see is men being abused, mocked, belittled, it lowers their overall opinion on men in general. Those who are hired and employed doing the awful things to those they manage to capture are also victims, even if they don't die while under such an employer.
Denigrating men is a double edged sword.

1 year ago
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none of that had to do with their biological children or wives. your all over the place. I have no idea what your doing besides making the same *empty* thread over and over again.

at least bump your old empty thread instead of making new ones constantly. the "not wanting their wives and bio children" is one of your 3 repetitive topics that have 100 empty threads by now.

1 year ago
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I make threads based upon current events.
As events improve or worsen, then I can adjust.
For now, the opposite of my message is still being promoted.
Men are actually dying daily, whilst unaware that they are giving their very lives and possibility of a future heir under the whims of someone extremely wealthy who takes their life as a joke.
The less people that die barren attempting to force someone to buy a government ID, or attempting to exile or kill those who can't afford the ID or hasn't the resources to ever produce the requested documentation;
the better for society.
Call it fighting on behalf of the haves in their fight against the have nots in the most honorable and sophisticated manner ever seen.
On Earth, the battle of the haves against the have nots is a good fight.
Why should I fight on behalf of everyone being a have not?
I am sure there is something that you don't have that you could have.
Have a meal on Allah with the Muslims one night this month.
Allah is one of the haves, that even you could have.
Have nots versus The haves 101.

1 year ago

how many times are you going to make the same thread?

1 year ago

The female counterparts are the women who refuse a husband who isn't a homosexual in order to have sex with as many different men as possible, even lying and claiming to be a lesbian in order to accomplish exactly what the Jezebel spirit demands. Some of the women try to be slick by marrying a homosexual man, because then she will have sex with his buddies, and lie about it, of course.
There aren't actually that many women patrolling about the land attempting to force people to purchase an ID card from Donald Trump's friends in order to survive in America.

1 year ago

The men, women, and children who don't have ID cards are not the animals. Nobody born has a choice to be born in a hospital and then grow up and buy an ID card from Donald Trump's buddies. The animals are the fools who run around making sure nobody ever sees them alive with their own wives and healthy biological children before they die. These fools will make any excuse so they can attack others on the planet, while making sure they are never seen alive attending to their own offspring.

1 year ago
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