Money isn't evil. Evil persons just don't want others to have it.

March 11, 2018, 4:54 pm

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no, persons is a word. it has just fallen out of popular usage. it is still widely used in legal documents however.

13 hours, 34 minutes ago

Your grammar is killing me!!! The correct word is people! Persons is not a real word! The only time you can say that is when you are saying person's.

20 hours, 59 minutes ago
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Not only are there sadists guilty of the income hoarding conspiracy, they have intellectual bodyguards in cyberspace to halt discussing them.
Anytime I touch one of the sore spots, one begins assaulting my own character.

4 days, 3 hours ago

I recall reading recently about gangs of Hindus that lynch Muslims they suspect of eating beef. in many cases it was just a rumor and turns out not to be true. are you sure Indians aren't the same?

4 days, 3 hours ago

politicians doing corruption are evil by work and economic conditions , unemployment, poverty, global wArming. etc

4 days, 9 hours ago

I think we are Indian not be partially divided among diversification of religion. India is a secular country . we are secular

4 days, 9 hours ago

My intention was to have an enriching conversation, not to make you feel so offended; seems to me you have a short fuse and get picked on a lot. or something. My condolences.

4 days, 20 hours ago

Yikes. Someone is butthurt.... Sorry brah

4 days, 20 hours ago

I am nice and kind to Muslims who don't hide, cower, and are not those who are far too much a munafiq to ever pray in public where I can actually see them in person.
Islam is certainly not for one who has to hide and cower over the internet from anyone.

4 days, 22 hours ago
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Your only game is to attack me while pretending you're not.
It's really funny to meet people with the Shia rafida strategy.
How does it go?
Oh yes, be very, very careful to never write or utter anything to offend the nonmuslims; because your words are designed only to please and comfort them.
Whereas against a Muslim, you are all wit and craft using your words to harm Muslims, and Muslims only.
If you were a Muslim, you would be telling them to fear Allah and even join us.
There are plenty of fools who believe that the one who only attacks Muslims, is a Muslim.

4 days, 22 hours ago

"Trolls assume mock authority status by forbidding others from making personal expressions.".... "As far as you fleeing the presence of sadists, I don't see anywhere that you as a nonmuslim have orders to confront and engage ungodlies?" Two sentences delivered by you within the same paragraph. The amount of hypocrisy is what is ungodly kid!
1.) assuming mock authority/I don't see anywhere, lol, what makes you think I'm not a Muslim? Could it be that everything you've argued has been you making leaps? Shooting from the hip shotgun style. You mentioned you've defeated the troll game, and it's hilarious because YOU JUST DEFEATED YOURSELF.

5 days, 2 hours ago

I already defeated the troll game.
Some people are afraid of them, because they intimidate folks and make them afraid to speak or write their thoughts in their presence.
Trolls assume mock authority status by forbidding others from making personal expressions.
They have weaknesses if you actually pay attention to what they say, but most simply flee the area.
I didn't take a shot at you.
I am one of the Muslims, so you know I have seen and unseen allies.
As far as you fleeing the presence of sadists, I don't see anywhere that you as a nonmuslim have orders to confront and engage ungodlies?

5 days, 4 hours ago

Lmao, this is rich! Are you new at trolling? haha... you picked the wrong one kid. 1.) no one said you were bad at speaking or using the English language; I say again, you will lose every argument for as long as you keep speaking in absolutes... (I ALWAYS this, NEVER that, ALL this, NONE that.) 2.) what makes you think I run from evil... Lol, that is a very unfounded statement; but I am starting to pick up on your style: you attempted to take a personal shot at me, and missed entirely :(... and all this about your allies and stuff... Sorry bro, I don't have enough background information to know what you're talking about.

5 days, 4 hours ago
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Actually, I am quite excellent in use of the English language. I would have said all evil persons. I have a very limited character maximum in debate titles or I could have clarified by saying that only some evil persons don't want others to have money. As it is, evil persons don't want others having money covers all of them.
Why wouldn't I want to deal with sadists, murderous, and even worse creatures living here than that?
Those are preying on such as you who hide, or flee them.
I have to pray for them, and even convince them to do so themselves, before they find out, just a little too late;
that they are the ones who are
prey of my allies.

5 days, 5 hours ago

I see. The difference between you and I, is that I don't speak in absolutes. If you know sadists, my recommendation to you is to no longer rub elbows with them. Your argument then collapses on itself: because only SOME are evil. and not all evil is a derivative of money.

5 days, 6 hours ago
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And who are you to speak on behalf of all evil persons?
I actually know some sadists who wouldn't give you a penny if they were a billionaire, just so they can laugh at you.

5 days, 6 hours ago

Although I do agree with your statement, I disagree with the premise as a whole just because it's poorly worded. Yes, money is inanimate and yes, it makes SOME people do evil things. However, I cannot agree with the portion with "evil persons just don't want others to have (money)". I could get behind the idea that people don't want others to take their money, but the whole point of capitalism revolves around the trading of good and services; nobody understands this better than rich people, you must move money around to make money. Also, I don't think that if you have money you are evil; it's as nonsensical as saying that all poor people are jealous.

5 days, 9 hours ago

I don't think that the vast majority of people think money is evil. it is inanimate. but the pursuit of money makes people do evil things.

1 week, 3 days ago
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