Most of the things they teach in high school are not going to help us

November 24, 2019, 4:07 pm

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The primary purpose of school is to demonstrate you know how to learn. The secondary purpose is to give you a broad understanding of the world so you're better informed to make a career choice.

I learnt about biology and chemistry in high school. Am I ever going to apply it in a career in electrical engineering? Probably not. But learning about physics and maths helped inform my decision to study electrical engineering at university. If I'd chosen to be a chemist or doctor then biology and chemistry would have been applied in my life.

It's impossible to know what choices a child will make when they're an adult, so the goal of schooling isn't to give us an education about what we will definitely use in our adult life. Most of adult life is learned by being an adult. The purpose of schooling is to give us knowledge about a diverse range of topics we'll never be exposed to so we're able to judge what we'll be interested in.

How could child me have known that as an adult I'd find it fun to optimise spot price prediction algorithms for the Australian energy market? Would I have selected a career path in electrical engineering if I'd never been exposed to maths or physics as a kid? No.

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