My discussion on population

September 12, 2018, 1:14 am

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Population's saying about myself, because of my existence.One world with many diversities in humans. Such as characterstics, opnions, tastes, physical complexions, ethnicity, cultural family bondage's of a person in a humans life. Population is one of the important resources of world.If we talk about a nation its citizens or population will come first and last.A country is build by its population. A Nation work's for their citizens,an Individual does his entraprises or any sort of business is for the end user is nothing but for public.Quality manpower is very important,skilled population leads nation a developed country.There are countries facing below the density of population which leads many problems for the country.Ageing Nations,young countries like many ways we can calculate Nation's population.
In my opnion Tehnology,Science and advancement in a society is for the public and population.
Very important

10 months ago

Why need of population..

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