Neither major political party is morally superior to the other.

February 8, 2018, 12:20 pm

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I'll give you that. You're right. It does look like you misunderstood the topic, or I was too vague, and you thought we were talking about the politicians, which I still disagree with you on, but is an ENTIRELY different discussion. I was speaking about the constiuency.

1 year, 7 months ago

"Really Nemiroff. Why don't we post this conversation and see if that's the argument you were actually making. Because the discussion was ABOUT the constituents, not the politicians. The PEOPLE are what make this country work. And to believe that you are morally superior to your counter-part is a POISONOUS ideology, and again, an ideology that has ALREADY led to the deaths of MILLIONS of people."


well, is it the argument I was making? with my

*"but I feel one party, in it's leadership specifically, has been organized corrupted to possibly the level of treason."*

totally about the constituents and no the leaders....

1 year, 7 months ago
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it's funny that your only example is the current unproven one. until we see all the documents, your just jumping to the conclusion. Like the conclusion that this faulty proof was the only proof.

and even if everything you say is true, how exactly is that treason? they may be fighting unfairly, but which of their policy goals are actually intended to betray the people? Republican leadership encouraging money = speech in our politics is silencing the majority of citizens. taking away power from we the people. our representatives no longer represent us but monied interests that aren't even in their district!!!! that's treason!

1 year, 7 months ago
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I agree with you. Except I think that the treasonous party is the Democrats. There is evidence of it everywhere, if you'll watch any other media outlet than a left-leaning outlet, because they're acting as if it's Democrats vs republican when it's the People vs law enforcement. It just so happens that Democrats are the ones who are getting caught almost red-handed for it. Like paying for Oppo-research that is corroborated by a Yahoo News story that the oppo-researcher planted, then used that oppo-research to LEAD your request for a FISA warrant to spy on an American citizen, who, by the way, was never ever arrested or indicted of any wrongdoing. And it is corrupt to let someone run for office when they destroyed subpoenad evidence. It's even worse when you ended up making your decision on whether or not to make an indictment before you ever interview the suspect or the witnesses. It's even worse when you then turn around and accuse your opposition of doing the exact thing that you did, with absolutely no hard evidence whatsoever.

Can you even IMAGINE what the MSM and Democrats would do if they found out that Trump paid Christopher Steele, a Brisith and Russian spy, to get dirt on Hillary, and then he used that dirt on Hillary to get a FISA warrant for someone on her campaign? Would that be okay with you guys? Lolololol....

1 year, 7 months ago

not the party, but the leadership yes.

both parties have corrupt individuals. some who are evil, some who do good but could do better but get greedy. and some who honestly want to do best. heck, everything in between.

but I feel one party, in it's leadership specifically, has been organized corrupted to possibly the level of treason.

when it comes to the influence of money on our politics. foreign or domestic. I feel one party has been corrupted beyond acceptability. because of that issue alone I believe one party can be considered morally superior. this should be an outrage.

1 year, 7 months ago
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