No India No Pakistan Kashmir is a free state

October 25, 2015, 6:49 pm

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As far as i know when british left india, it was decided that india will be divided into 2 countries i. e india and pakistan. it was decided that the area where more than 70% of muslims live will be given to pakistan and the rest will be given to india. so according to what was decided that the area where muslims are more than 70% will belong to pakistan, kashmir belonged to pakistan since there were 90% muslims at that time. and the recent votings that are being taken in kashmir shows the same result that some people want independence, some wants to join pakistan and almost none of those people want to join india . and if few of those people want to join india are Hindu who had shifted to kashmir but hereditary does not belong there

4 years ago

Akhir may itna kahonga k Pakistan nahi Kehta k Kashmir hamain dey do
please ask Kashmiri people
then dodh ka dodh or pani hojaye ga
68 years say yehi baat horahi hai
gumnaam qabrain Pakistan nay nahi India nay he banai hai Kashmir
how many times you visited Kashmir?

4 years ago

if you don't believe social media survey so please come on my Facebook account and watch it
then if you don't believe it so please ask Kashmiri people about this

4 years ago

if Kashmir is a part of India without any life logic and prove
so what's about Awalagar Jonagaar Deccan hyderabad

4 years ago

if Kashmir is a part of India so why India killed afzal guru and Maqbool butt before their sin prove

4 years ago

your Arundhati Roy accept Kashmir is not a part of India and Pakistan
it is a free state

4 years ago

Kashmir is not disputed territory so why India killed lot of Kashmiri since 1947 to present age
why Jammu Kashmiri chanting Pakistan zindabaad
why Khalistani people also with them

4 years ago

Oh really if Kashmir is a part of India
so I again repeat it question again and again why your Brian washed people ask Kashmiri people about this

4 years ago

And Anas, were you talking about resolution taken by Unite Nations Security council in 2010?

I have just read it.
It was United Nations has removed Jammu and Kashmir from the list of disputed territories.

4 years ago
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and what do you mean by your social media survey?

4 years ago
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Do you know in India every state is free coz' of federal system.
I want you to understand and think about what actually freedom is?
The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
In India no state is neither imprisoned nor enslaved.

4 years ago
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regarding your point, why some Kashmiri people consider it black day.

Just tomorrow, I was discussing if such things actually happen.
He informed me that some Pakistani brainwash innocent people and encourage them to revolt. Those people involve them in riots. To maintain and control the situation military use force. Those innocent people get killed and their family seek vengeance.

If you think about it rationally, then you will find those separatist incluating grudge and brainwashing people are responsible for this.

4 years ago
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killed peaceful protesters or people involved in riots?

4 years ago
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If Kashmir is a part of India
so why Indian killed lot of people in Kashmir since 1947 to present age

Don't worry its not your failure
its a failure of your history
If Pakistan is attack on Kashmir so why people of Indian occupied Kashmir observed 15 August as black day
today is 27 October when Your killer Indian army captured it
if Kashmir is your state so why today people of Indian occupied Kashmir observed as a black day. your poor media did not give you full details
your poor government not give you correct information

The only reason to solve this problems is "Rai shumari" and it is a decision of UNO
if I am liar so Please read UNO resolution

according to my social media survey
60% Kashmiri wants only freedom
30% support to Pakistan
10% support to India

why India afraid of UNO resolution?
Did you know about the Nehru promise of Kashmir

4 years ago

If I m not wrong.
after independence, Pakistan was attacking Kashmir to capture it and at that time Kashmir ask India for help.

There are treaties between India and Kashmir.

I am really worried to say Pakistan never treated Kashmiri well but make their life hell.

If you don't remember. I want to inform you Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri Pandits also.
Pakistan burned their home, raped their wife and daughter and they forced them to leave Kashmiri Pandits.

In no way I m blaming Pakistani civilians, but I m worried about the state of Pakistan.

Kashmir is better to be left with India.

4 years ago

i agree with you. But at the time of independence of pakistan the majority of the people of Kashmir wanted to join Pakistan.

4 years ago

Right but majority of Kashmiri wants only freedom

4 years ago

but Kashmir originally belongs to Pakistan.

4 years ago
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