Nurture impacts you more than nature.

January 7, 2020, 8:15 am

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The last meta analysis on twin studies show 49% of traits are heritable. That may be interpreted to mean on average 49% of who you are is explained by nature. However, the meta analysis pointed out a weakness in that assessment, most of the studies they included in their meta analysis were before epigenetics was understood, and epigenetic differences occur even within the womb. Epigenetics is how genetics are interpreted into phenotypes (traits). What's crazy is epigenetic structures are influenced by your environment (nurture) and those changes are heritable ('nature'). That's crazy because it means the environment you're in influences your traits and the traits you pass down. Therefore a part of, possibly even the majority of, that 49% is malleable to environmental factors under the right circumstances.

Many suggest epigenetics needs it's own distinct chunk of the nature Vs nurture pie because nature refers to genetics, your static unchanging DNA, and nurture generally refers to the effect the environment has on your mind's software. But epigenetics integrates those environmental factors into genetics. I see that as a form of advanced nurture. It shows our environment has a stronger influence on who you are, which is what nurture is all about. Currently we know rates in Cancer, heart issues, alcoholism, mental illness, and organ failures are influenced by epigenetics but this is the frontier of genetics right now, and longitudinal studies are needed to get solid data, so who knows what other traits are determined by the environment.

It's a question of 51% to 100% of traits are influenced by the environment. It may only be 52%, but that's still a majority.

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