Okay.Explain me like military commanders and politicians on how you can stop north korea from nukes

May 5, 2017, 10:50 am

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my mother tongue's english. But i often speak in espanol rather than in english which might have destroyed my english grammar. And you make more grammatical mistakes than me.

2 years ago

We place a bargain on the table with China. One of the reasons we don't intervene is because China is their Ally, attack someone with allies and we get the same crap that starts complicated wars.

There's been an issue with the Chinese control of information. For example, they can't have wikipedia, so they are creating their own wikipedia called Chinese Encyclopedia. And so the best way to reign them in is a temporary measure that the New York Times has already succumb to- advertising.

We create a global newspaper that can be published in China, and with that play on the North Koreans using "yellow journalism". Nothing overt, clearly, but put China in a situation where they can only look at one Ally and ditch the other. Raise sentiment for the People's republic and spread rumors of an extra nuclear precaution. That being, raise fear of nuclear energy.

The Chinese people fear their own pollution, and won't talk about it. This paper should introduce a tour of nuclear energy. It should play up China's successes with it... and Korea's inability not failure. Much like seeing a fat guy flex his muscles, it would seem inadequate.

Then, spread "Just a rumor" over the internet. Use a citizen that can fall for a hoax. The rumor being that a nuclear explosion has occured in North Korea, and that they are working to repair the damages. Have your paper pull with the work, and either a. The Chinese public will read or b. They will wonder where the news went. Either way, unverified information and lack of proper translation claims can keep them clean. Actual bomb use is optional, keep low to ground and out of radar, just close enough for accidents to be plauseable.

The rational side of any person will say there's nothing to fear from nuclear energy, unless the person running with it is genuinely incapable of stopping meltdowns or worse, likely to create "collateral damage" (China or it's allies). They wouldn't fear to back someone who will start the fire, but will roll with if in retaliation. They will seem to be the bigger guy if they drop Korea.

Also, maybe a trade deal or two.But nothing else legitimizes or breaks relationships like the news, fake news, or new news.

2 years ago
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have u tried debating? or is that too complicated of an idea for u?

2 years ago

Have you tried learning English?

2 years ago

Lets play a game.

you have been assigned the role of the POTUS.

Pentagon calls you for a serious meeting in which you are told about north korean nuclear ambition.

Here goes the story..... How are u gonna stop that fatty acid from building nukes.

and all options are on the table.

We have---

1) THAAD in South Korea
2) 30,000 troops in ROK
3) USS Carl Vinson.
4)1000+ air crafts in Japan and ROK.
5) 10 submarines and 15 naval vessels.

2 years ago
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