One global world community is the only way for us to avoid being an extinct civilization

October 9, 2015, 11:37 pm

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I disagree. Creating one giant country wouldn't stop the violence and greed that is in human nature. Think about the awesome power that would come to whoever is in charge of the entire world! With great power comes those who will take it by any means.

4 years ago

if we keep fighting each other we will kill each other.

4 years ago

Are you implying that we will end up being an extinct civilization like those in the past?

4 years ago

it would be awsome if we could be one community, but this we, sadly, never happen.
Our human race will survive despite this separation.
We don't need to be together, we just need to not hate and be smart with other countries. We need to be able to trade, and make deals that do good for both countries, we need to punish the bad countries. We don't need to be together, but we need to work together.

4 years ago

How do you know if it does not work if a one world community has not been established yet? We know that the the world is broken into separate communities for a long while, or at least most of us know this. With that being said shouldn't it be time for the world to become a one whole community. I am not by no means implying a one world government but a community.

4 years ago

It would never work. People are too different.

4 years ago

with so many people there are nationallys and religions and possible disputes in that country it would be to problematic and Impossible to achieve. better to have individual countrys

4 years ago
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