One piece is the greatest adventure story of all time.

June 2, 2017, 1:20 pm

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it is beyond a recommendation.
it recently beat spiderman as world wide #3 coming in total sales, is on track to beat batman and superman in coming decades if it keeps up (and its accelerating). and those are all multi author comics. this is a concise story from 1 author. not just a Japanese phenomena.

it's super slapstick and lite at the beginning but it's a joy to watch if you just take in the characters. the world and epicness builds slowly and exponentially in the background around the characters.

if your interested in being converted, I can link a video. the best part is when he highlights how even side characters have massive depth, including a silly as heck looking subordinate of a villain has a heart breaking backstory explaining why he looks like an utter fool.

but the best thing that sells this is that for the last 3 arcs I could not believe the scale of awesomeness achieved by each one as they shatter my expectations. the previous being an enemy that they not only clearly had not chance at defeating, and fighting whom looked straight up terrifying even to us the audience.

1 year, 3 months ago
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well, as my title states, nothing is imo one piece level adventure. tower of God was good, mostly because the characters were interesting.

interesting theories. the way I see it, there are 3 options. it's definitely not monetary, that would be too simple. the first option is knowledge, or friendship or something intangible. the second option may be the empty throne. unlikely, but a worthy end goal.

the option I think is it is simply a way to negate whatever weapon the world government used to establish the current world order. probably the mentioned "cleansing"

1 year, 3 months ago

I've also been following Tower of God, it's not at one piece levels of adventure but it does have it's moments, use of characters, challenges, direct/indirect fighting, and will probably last a good while longer.

1 year, 3 months ago

We would need to know how it will make the person who finds it 'Pirate King'.

But a pirate King can't exist on conventional wealth, a superweapon, or friendship all along. Going through these, if it has happened I wouldn't assume it will happen again. For closure, this needs to be new, and make sense. How can a pirate be king?

We know that Luffy's line, inheritance, ability, whatever you call it, in a throwaway line makes him 'Enemies of God', and with the Celestial Dragons it is fair to say this natural enemy is what the government reveals.
If the Celestial Dragons are king, the One Piece must be naturally above.

We know that the Alabasta empire is the only famy to stay 'on the surface', so we may be thinking there is a shadow government, or more literally another location. And for how fragmented the islands and 170 empires are there must be something connecting each one that can be used. Technology suppression doesn't fit the genre either, but it is possible that the world operates on an unusual mechanic that is being exploited.

For example, our boats follow certain winds, and our magnets one direction, it is easy to dismiss the episodic travels as pointless and considering there would be a few some we're probably added later. Still, maybe there is a reason for this. Extermination hinted at isn't likely to be a superweapon or disease, too unreliable, but the Celestial Dragon's must be able to do something foolproof to a point.

I would guess the easiest answer is Devil Fruits, but again the downside to that is how widespread the fruits are, and there is power outside of these fruits. We already know it is possible to see into the future and surpress enemies without the fruit.

And if it was so easy as ownership of a treasure or weapon, Gol D. Rodger would do it himself. There's too little to say, but the treasure must be something available yet inaccessible to almost anybody. Like a plane without a pilot, valuable, but useless without the right conditions.

And treasure is old, maybe older than the current order. If the hints that point to the one piece are ancient, we must be missing a timeframe. The hints would be unreliable if someone got there first, but just as reliable if the treasure couldn't be removed, not that it can't be used. Without a reference for when the one piece existed, I conclude the one piece is not meant for one person just by the size of the world.

1 year, 3 months ago

honestly haven't had the chance to watch it. though I've played one of the games and it seemed cool (and hilarious).

1 year, 3 months ago

all I can say is wow with the recent stuff.
what everyone thought was gonna be a filler distraction arc turned into far more epic then what we were hoping for.

any theories on what the one piece is?

1 year, 3 months ago
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I'm not sure the distinction between an epic and an adventure. I'm sure there are differences, but they can overlap. an adventure can have a clear goal.

fillers are not part of the story. they aren't in the comic and are added for practical reasons. I just don't watch them and pretend the show went on break or something. they are glorified fan fiction.

lol. useless flashbacks are many, but the backstory flashbacks for characters are amazing. if you don't cry in a one piece backstory your not made of flesh and blood.
This is the only anime that I feel is better paced in the original manga, mostly cause you get to just glance over the 15 reactions to every event :D, also no fillers.

my biggest complaint is actually one of the arcs, the merman island arc which has been hyped up since they got the chef and turned out to being an utter disappointment. however it was right after the most amazing arcs of prison break and great war, and right before the new world arcs of dressrosa and totland which are just shattering all expectations.

the author is only getting better!!!
I'm actually upset it's ending. this story was all about the journey and I don't really want it to end.

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I would also agree that One Piece is more of an epic than simply an adventure. Luffy is on a quest to become the Pirate King and find the One Piece. Along the way he encounters enemies, makes allies, and does great deeds. He turns entire nations on their heads and destroys and rebuilds societies in his quest. (Impel Down, Alabasta, Fire Fist arc, and punching world nobles, as well as many more). Everywhere he goes, he brings turmoil, though he leaves everyone better for having met him. He tames sea monsters (Laboon), he defeat a God (Enel) and sails from the bottom of the ocean to the sky, and he does it all through determination and will in the face of often seemingly in surmount power. While there is a great deal of comedy and adventure, the series as a whole is about as epic as they come and mirrors many of mankind's myths (Isle of the Amazons, sea monsters).

In spite of all that, there is filler. There are arcs that are goofy, there are bad guys who are inept and there are parts that are repetitive and dull (how many flashbacks are needed?). I always dreaded Luffy asking someone to join his crew because it led to at least one episode of flash backs, and often repeating the flashbacks.

I am in no way diminishing how good One Piece is, I simply disagree that it is possible for any one work to be considering the greatest.

2 years, 3 months ago
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Forgotten Realms is also a book series. There are quite a few. Some are excellent, some less so, but they all exist in a shared universe.

As to Lord of the Rings, I will grant that it is more of an epic story than adventure and withdraw it from consideration.

2 years, 3 months ago

One Piece will be a classic, and though not a poem probably qualifies some form of epic.

2 years, 3 months ago
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greatest is always an elusive title, but I think it may fit here.

first off I limited it to "adventure" story as opposed to something like game of thrones which has an epic story, but isn't much of a journey. more politics than adventure, although your 2 examples are definitely adventures, especially lord of the rings.

for the sake of debate I will do my best to make a case for one piece.

Lord of the rings... never read the books so I'm limited in my experience. I don't see too much of a story, but they do flesh out their characters and that is far more important. outside of the hobbits, few were interesting tho. the dwarves in the prequel were more entertaining. I think many side characters in one piece are better developed, but then again this show just happens to do a uniquely exceptional job making characters.

forgotten realms... that's DnD right? like the whole universe? they flesh out a massive world, but they don't write the adventure, you do. and the only characters I remember as being interesting were drizzt and minsc. I didn't dive to deep into the source material of DnD, can't wait for your counter :)

as far as adventure stories go, this may actually up there amongst the greatest, rivaling even the classics.

2 years, 3 months ago

It is an amazing story, but I would hesitate to call any story the greatest. There is just so much out there.

Lord of the Rings has unbelievable depth. Languages written for each race, mythos and histories, and each character had depth. The drawback is that it can be dry if you aren't interested in the level of detail.

Forgotten Realms has a massive collection of shared universe stories. They span millenia and are consistent in their depictions of the world (especially considering how many authors have written them).

There are two of the better known stories. There are many other smaller book series, tv shows and movies that are excellent in their own way.

2 years, 3 months ago

as a testament, one piece is now the #3 comic of all time by sales. recently knocked down Spider-Man, and quickly gaining on Batman and superman the latter of which has been out for a century.

2 years, 3 months ago

biggest world.
deepest characters.
(in the video at minute 9 they describe the heartbreaking backstory of one of the most ridiculous characters in the show, senior pink)
variety and consistency.

just all around amazing.
don't watch the "4 kids" dub. if one of the main characters is holding a lollipop instead of a cigarette, your watching the wrong dub.

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