Parents should not push or bring their children into any religion instead allow them to explore

January 12, 2016, 10:10 pm

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giving such licence for children to explore their own path may be applicable for those parents who understand that the children is mature enough to decide a choice, yet apart from that a wise parents are those who knows what best for their children regardless of the children's view will be the same as theirs or not..

3 years, 11 months ago

I agree with this statement. Not sure if it is possible.

4 years ago

as a parents, we must take care of many things for our children before they make a wrong choice!

4 years ago
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agree with you bro.
On top of that, parents have the right to decide their children name, also their children believe.

4 years ago

A parent's job is to teach and raise their child as best they can. If a parent honestly believes that their religion is right and will be good for their child, it would be wrong for them to not teach it. We teach children to read and write, how to tie their shoes and many other things whether they want to learn it or not. If the parents feel that it would be immoral and harmful to not teach their child about God, how could they justify not doing so?

I don't personally know if God is real and I don't subscribe to any organized religion but I also recognize the perspective of those who do.

4 years ago

we must not look religion as a pressure on us but we must accept it as a faith n good will

4 years ago
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