PS4 vs Xbox One

July 11, 2016, 10:23 am

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Ps4, it would be the best console for like halo games and call of duty like that. Xbox in the reference is not like Ps4. They have alot of difference in them.

If u ask the difference between Ps4 and psp their is alot of them. Psp and ps3 home screen are sames just the sizes are different. Ps4 is too good

3 years, 11 months ago
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ps4 has many more exclusives, and their online used to suck on ps3 when it was free but it seems great atm.

if your a fan of halo or gears, xbox is your go. but If you like uncharted, injustice, or final fantasy, ps4 is the way to go. unless you have a preference, ps4 got xbox beat on exclusives.

4 years ago

Since I am an online gamer, I would prefer the Xbox One. The PS4 his superior hardware wise, but the Xbox is more superior software wise. I also think Xbox exclusives are better with Halo. The PS4 is cool, but I would take an Xbox one over it.

4 years ago
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and i play gta san andreas, gta 3,gta vice city,gta liberty city stories,gta chinatown wars,modern combst4,gangstar vegas,gangstar rio, PES 2012, frontline commando ww2,pirates carribean hunt and strategy and tactics:USA vs USSR. these are the games i play on my android tablet.

4 years ago

android phones

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