Racial slurs should stop being used by racist white people

September 19, 2018, 6:34 pm

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I think that's only attacking the branches of the problem and not the roots. You need to make them stop being racist before they stop using racist words.

8 months, 3 weeks ago
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in that movies defense, Kevin hart was intended to come across as a buffoon, but they kept playing that line in every ad it was getting disturbing.

does make you feel for all the caricature minority representations we've been watching of black, latino, heck even European people. makes one question some of their TV inspired stereotyped...

9 months ago
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I'm confused, what exactly is the media reporting that is wrong?

I agree hollywood is going way too far, with acts like Kevin hart being downright racist. ("your white, your white, you dont fight" - ride along)

but as far as reporting and politics, its been pretty appropriate. affirmative action should be *replaced* with up to par schools and maybe a neighborhood little league or something, but I wouldnt support just dropping it in light of unconstitutional inequality. (also i think social investment stingy republicans would prefer affirmative action to providing fair education to 'opposition voters', or sometimes even their own)

I agree with parts of what your saying, but I feel much of it is an unrealistic exaggeration.

9 months ago
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I think that's a better question... History shows us that racism within a society always backfires... The once discriminated against always get a chance to a discriminate during the process of giving them their rights back and attempting equality, which gives room to the original racist/sexist/supremacist to use that to their advantage once again and hurl some new cocktail or racial/sexist/supremacist insults ... It won't stop by trying to pick at the details and symptoms of the problem without touching its core... The real problem is the way that the law and the media handles the situation, they both add fuel to the fire thinking they're fixing it... The law on one hand tries to achieve equality by giving extra rights to the oppressed factions and it ends up super powering them and simply polarizing the power dynamics, while the media exposes every detail of this unnerving process for money and woe effect instead of critically researching the situation and pointing out where the process is going wrong, because that's boring and not spectacular enough and it's a job for old white collars who are completely separated from reality... So, eventually, as much as this back and forth should stop, there's no way to stop it without active engagement for purposes other than money by the media, and wiser approaches to tackle discrimination from the law...

9 months ago

what about slurs used by non white people?

9 months ago
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