Religion is a disgrace to science.

March 15, 2015, 5:21 am

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no reason to consider them? do u mean in a scientific community or in real life? in real life u definitely have to consider them. he isn't there to be a band aid. that depends on what we discover.

2 years, 11 months ago

I agree but it depends on what you consider religion.

2 years, 11 months ago

The Christian god may exist; so may the gods of Olympus,or of ancient egypt, or of Babylon. But none of these hypothesis is more probable than any other. they lie outside the region of even probable knowledge and therefore there is no reason to consider them. You cant just say something is real and then claim it exhibits none of the properties of any other real objects, and cant ever be examined or analyzed empirically. that's pretty much a good definition of not real.
Though my opinion is that religion wasnt nesessary, i dont blame our ancestors for creating gods to explain the world around them. But science has progressed to a point in which the idea of god is no longer needed to explain anything. As science and education progresses, old religious text will be harder and harder to defend.. I would hope we get to a point in which simple objective truths can be spoken without offending most of the world's population.

4 years, 11 months ago

I firmly agree about scientific discoveries being met with resistance from religion being a problem. It has been happening since it was first suggested that the Earth revolved around the sun, rather than the other way around, and continues to this day. That said, there are many religious people who do not bury their heads in the sand and pretend we haven't learned anything, and to disparage the entire group for the actions of the more extremist seems excessive.

With regards to religion being unneeded, and never having been needed to begin with, I disagree.

Originally religion was a way to explain the unexplainable to make it less terrifying. Thunder, earthquakes solar eclipses are all natural events that, if you don't know why they are happening, are frightening. By giving them causes (faulty though they were) it let's people be less afraid and get on with their lives.

Nowadays religion brings out the best, and the worst in people. In some groups, religion makes them charitable. There are many religious organizations that do community outreach and help huge numbers of people. Congregations help each other through tough times and support each other as well. Other groups cone together to spread intolerance, hate, and ignorance, and these groups get far more press. On the whole, I believe religion does more good than harm at this point, though we do need to make sure to not let dogma replace knowledge in education.

4 years, 11 months ago

so, your opinion is that religion is horrible and god is not real. that may be your opinion, but much others dont see that way. to them science is just another topic, and a god is behind everhthing. no one really knows until death is called upon. so this will always be a debate. religion makes others feel like thier more importamt and that they wont sleep forever or jusr non exist after death. it will never dissapear, only transition. dont hate someone who is only set to do good. steer yourselfs with your beliefs and be happy that nowadayss im this country you are free to believe such ideals. people will always have religion, and science will always be there. they always butt heads, but one is not a disgrace to another, its simply a matter of what you belive in.

4 years, 11 months ago

It is a disgrace when a scientific discovery is presented with moutains of evidence and is quickly dismissed when it contradicts religious beliefs. I do agree that religion plays a major role in society but it is not needed or ever was needed. Of course that is my opinion as we dont have a history without religion to compare to, but adapting to change is how species survive; not beliefs in supernatural. Getting rid of religion will expedite scientific discoveries.

4 years, 11 months ago

as i said in the other forum, both are vital to society. both have caused harm, and both have saved lives for the continuation of society, both are necessary. they both play a major role in society and we could not do without either.

4 years, 11 months ago

While religion and science do butt heads, they are not mutually exclusive. Secondly, there are many forms of religion, with varying degrees of opposition to science. Finally, since religion is not based on science, it cannot be a disgrace to it.

4 years, 11 months ago
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