Should cannibalism be left to the personal choice

November 4, 2015, 1:29 am

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Cannibalism should be left to the personal choice if and only if it is out of out of bounds of the social contract.

When a person is assimilated into society via birth, an indirect contact to follow society's rule is established. Meaning, you follow the norms, the law, and sometimes unconsciously; the social stigmas.

But when it comes to the person using cannibalism as a means of survival, it can be justified under the state of nature theory. That a man is separate from society and that society's rules should not apply to those outside of its borders. In this essence, cannibalism now becomes your personal choice. It depends on your morality as if you value survival more than decency or vice versa.

However, should you make your choice, remember that you are chained to society via the social contract. For this, remember that cannibalism may be your personnal choice but it may not be society's choice. You may be the judge of your act but society will be the greater judge when you consider that you are living in a social sytem and not alone in this world.

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