Should death penalty be abolished

November 26, 2015, 7:20 am

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death penalty to put an example in society should be abolished. That's not justice. Someone who did severe crime is not given death penalty while other who did less severe one is given. Laws and rules should be uniform.

If death penalty is given to make society secure. then better abolish it. to make society secure we need to ELIMINATE ROOT CAUSE.
Like if we are giving death penalty b'coz person was a psychopath, it won't end the root cause.
There will be a new psychopath or perhaps will become a murdered he will be given death penalty and a new psychopath will born. cycle will repeat ever and ever.
These problems are better to handover to psychologists. eliminating psychopath will never end crime.
root cause may be absence or poorly developed amygdala. psychologist need to work on that. sometime environment play a very vital role like they lived a very hard life, society they lived in, family they were born in.
most importantly work should be done to provide secure environment to each and every human, so that no one turn out to be psychopath murdered.

so, overall I want to say death penalty is developed on wrong cause and effect analysis.
we are actually make missing on high degree of correlations and giving importance to less correlated factors.

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and where do u think it should not be??

4 years, 8 months ago

not everywhere

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