Should school uniforms be banned

February 20, 2016, 2:01 am

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No they should not.

4 years ago

students don't need to express them selves at school really, and they still can a bit (mufti days for example) but uniforms significantly reduce bullying. it means that kids can't be bullied for the clothes they wear etc. I agree that uniforms are too expensive and they should be made cheaper. but I actually prefer to have a uniform that wear my own clothes but I also think it depends where you're from. In the UK its very rare to find a school with no uniform

also it looks so much smarter

4 years ago

School uniforms should be banned because they ate expensive and students can't express themselves

4 years ago

school uniforms are really important. They reduce bullying because everyone looks the same. They are smart, they are a representation of the school when on school trips etc. also they are alot easier, now I'm in sixth form I don't have a uniform and maybe it's because I'm a girl because it would be so much easier to put on a uniform rather than trying to find something to see everyday.

They do need to make school uniform cheaper though!

4 years ago
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