Should teachers be allowed to carry guns

July 25, 2018, 12:54 am

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This whole debate just depends on what the owners of the school find best for the market.

8 months ago

and that's assuming a criminal. there is a whole world of disasters that could happen between 2 "good guys" with guns when emotions flare in any situation from infidelity, to road rage, to drunken gambling.

or what happens when far too many untrained "good guys" in a crowded area all try to be hero and create chaos. 1 good guy with a gun may be a good idea,
but a ton of average joes with a gun is a very bad idea

8 months ago
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do you have anything to back up that theory because it seems about as logical as trickle down economics.

1. most criminals will be prepared for the attack while others have to figure out what's going on before grabbing their gun and fiddling with the safety.

2. most criminals dont think about getting caught and that's in reference to thieves that want to survive. these mass shooters take their own lives so why would they care about other guns?

the best way to prevent gun crimes, as proven by EVERY OTHER FIRST WORLD NATION, is to limit them.

8 months ago
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we manage to stop alot of illegal things entering our borders, from food to wildlife. we even catch alot of drugs which are just powders.

a bunch of heavy, metal, easily detectable weapons would be very easy.

8 months ago
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good luck stopping the importation of guns my friend.

8 months, 1 week ago

YES!! And here's why, one of the biggest deterrents to gun crime is an open use of guns. criminals worry more about OTHER people having guns. I don't necessarily WANT teachers to bring guns to school to protect kids, but I want criminals to be worried they do.

8 months, 1 week ago

In countries like USA, pakistan, India, UK . Childrens go wild and gunshoot their school in which guards are qualified for this job, but they will get double security so they will not be allowed to enter to kill their mates. Sometimes in positive case it is possible the people who are guarding went out for a break, and a student or a terrorist attack the school teachers will defend their student. Now you look at the negatives you can see in texas and florida there were severe shootings

8 months, 3 weeks ago

side note.

aren't teachers already overworked and schools understaffed? so now you want to give even more work, more distractions from actual teaching?

that's like banning abortions without properly funding orphanages! think past step 1 please.

8 months, 4 weeks ago

no, the problem is the man WITH the gun. the man without the gun is much less of a problem. therefore remove the gun and the most significant portion of the problem goes away.

but if you arm the teachers the problem is still there. you just add additional problems of half trained amateurs with guns around your children.

9 months ago
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Guns aren't the problem. It's the man behind the gun. There are law abiding citizens who own guns for the soul reason of protecting themselves and their families. We shouldn't take away American's constitutional right to own firearms or people's human right to self preservation only because the actions of a few.

9 months ago

so rather than doing any of that terrible stuff that is likely to make a bad situation worse, why not actually try to deal with the probablem? and the problem is undeniably the guns.

9 months ago

of course it is policeman's job to kill people. that is why they are given a gun. so that they can shoot people. they train constantly to use that weapon and to know when to use it.

teachers are trained how to teach children. giving them a crash course on gun safety does not qualify them to be armed around children. even if we accepted that every single armed teacher was mentally stable, perfectly trained and completely competent (which I guarantee you they wouldn't be), it would still be a bad idea.

putting guns around children is just a bad idea in general. people are lazy, people are forgetful. they do not secure weapons properly. if you arm teachers, children will be able to get to the weapons and children will die.

9 months ago

Is a policeman's job to kill people? I think not.
won't a shooter think twice about going into a school if he knows there is a trained, armed teacher there?
arming teachers is not done to kill, it's done to save lies.
Americans problem is there are too many guns in the hands of crimminals. unfortunately a law to ban guns won't do much good on account of crimminals not being very big on laws.

schools now don't have armed teachers so a shooter knows he won't get much resistance. that's why schools are shot up not police stations. if we ban guns america will be like a school- unarmed against crimminals with guns.

9 months ago

because their job is to teach children, not to kill people. America's problem is that there are too many guns. arming more people is like trying to smother a fire with gasoline. it is stupid on the very face of it.

9 months ago
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Why not? If a Teacher is properly trained they will be as capable as a security guard

9 months ago

no one should carry guns inside a school other than police or security.

9 months ago
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