Should we allow teachers to train to arm themselves to protect students in case of a shooting

March 13, 2018, 11:12 am

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Your argument is the false one.
I was raised in USA by armed men, it's the only nation where a man with a gun on his hip is just as likely to obey righteous commands as the one who has a gun hidden in the waistband, shoulder holster, or ankle harness.
You have meager experience with urban gunnery, but if you have a cool head; nobody in your area will receive even a bullet graze wound.

1 year ago
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every nation has psycho killers, this is the only economically prosperous nation where they run around with semi automatic firearms. those nations with gun laws don't have powerless victims, they have powerless attackers. Your argument is false.

1 year ago

Your argument gives the advantage to attackers who specialize in killing while unarmed. Some people naturally kill better if they attack with bare hands. While you think an attacker who attacks someone with bare knuckles is honorable and glorious, they do have the intention to either kill or humiliate the victim.
Guns and swords are invented so your bare-knuckle champion always has to flee if offered one to fight against the armed opponent.
You may argue that a bare-knuckle attacker has no intention on killing his victim, but I know many strangers who will try their best to kill you, if you punch or kick them even once

1 year ago

teachers are people. They lose control. situations like these:

are reasons why teachers, and civilians in general, shouldn't walk around armed. most people are calm, but in a nation of 330 million, some will be an exception, and that leaves many exceptions. And even calm people lose it in stressful moments.

1 year ago
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