Should we have homework. n

December 10, 2017, 7:52 pm

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nemiroff do you agree with me?

1 year, 8 months ago

Well according to a recent study by Sydney University, Australia, Countries where students spend more time in homework do bad in academics. It claims that students become bored and unhappy and an attitude of dislike towards academics cause of HW's.

Now you are clearly confusing between practise , studying and homework. Its clear from your argument that you relate homework with 'Quiet practise and repetition' . well forced homework and then grading it is not so good.

I never said anything of practise. Practise is something when you prepare for an exam or tests and check your accuracy. Practise dont require grading. When you associate homework with grading system, you force them in doing so.

All students don't need forced homework to master themselves on a particular topic. By forcing homework which involves scribbling stuff again & again, you even force those students who dont require homeworks cause they've already mastered themselves on that topic and thus wasting their practise time.

Even for weaker students, enforcing homework on them leaves them with no time to practise those topics which are rather important or easy to score , which would enable to atleast pass the test.

The best substitute for homework is a suprise class test. The class test would make students practise and revise according to their needs instead of doing a specific amount of HW assigned to them.

1 year, 8 months ago
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so you think learning something once is good enough and practice is meaningless?

do you think spending time in quiet practice or repetition is an effective way to spend class time?

1 year, 8 months ago

Its better to finish up everything in the school itself. Students on average spend around 6.5-7 hours or even more at school. Giving homeworks to students is like over-time .

Homeworks are pretty useless and indeed 100% useless and so are projects that they assign. A home is a home. We have families and pets a.k.a. we have a life other than completing homeworks( useless indeed. Sorry teachers! ; P)

I said them to be 100% useless cause majority of the kids do their homework by copying things from the book and nothing goes into their mind. What's the use then?

Plus, Parents send kids to government affliated schools to learn. SCHOOLS ARE MEANT TO LEARN AND TEACH. So its the duty of the teachers.... YES YOU ALL TEACHERS!!!! to put every stuff into the minds of the students in a creative way. Wait, hold on. I said in a 'Creative Way' . Afterall thats what you've been paid for! Parents send them to learn things in the school itself and that's the reason they send them for.

And assigning them destroys the objective of parents sending them to school.
At home, children should rather enjoy the backyard or try out some dishes or enjoy with your pets or discuss something with the parents, etc.

Just look at an average South Korean kid, His life is a hell. Schools and hagwans( private tution after school time :O) are like satan. Kids there dont even see their daddys for weeks despite living in the same house.


1 year, 8 months ago

its really amazing how physics -> biology -> history -> psychology -> law or computer science or everything connects. all the subjects explain some part of reality, and it starts in its own bubble, but they all connect in the end. Even the ones that seem completely arbitrary like art history can be connected to everything else. (You got everything from depictions of battles to da Vinci's first anatomical sketches)

1 year, 8 months ago
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homework needs to be made and graded, often outside of class. by giving you more work, they also give themselves more work.

of course some teachers may do it to as Dalton suggested, it is far from the norm.

homework is different in school and in college. in school it's practice of what you already learned. like arithmetic drills or practicing your letters. in college homework is what you do before class to already familiarize yourself with the material so that the lecture can jump right into the meat of the topic and ensure everything is clear for all.... That's how the professors want you to do, almost no one ever does, even tho they really should.

I know where most of the people come from. homework sucks. And with my first stint in college ended with academic probation and a truancy rate of over 50%. after a few years in the real world I really regret that. now I'm back and have to juggle both.

either way, after several more 101 classes and some real life experiences, all the random things I learned are starting to click together and learning more after the clicking starts becomes fun. homework = mastery.

there should certainly be limits and time allowance for kids to be kids. any tool can be excessive.

1 year, 8 months ago

I do not think so. We have a required amount of time we have to spend in school for a reason. Adding work at home is excessive, and a lot of times teachers send homework for their jobs to be relaxed during the day. What is the point in homework?

1 year, 8 months ago
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