Social media good or bad

January 22, 2020, 11:33 pm

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If a person separates from his friends it is not because social media force him to do so, it is because that person likes to be on social media more than with friends, what is wrong with stopping doing something to do something that you like more?
Suicides and bullying existed since before social media, and that children can see inappropriate things does not make social media bad, just makes them not appropriate for children

2 months ago


Social Media has pros and cons but I think the cons are more effective than the pros. Social medias pros are that we get alarmed for anything going on outside of the neighborhood. However, before social media we had newspapers and FRIENDS yes, I said it real Friends, neighbors, we actually talked to people in REAL LIFE! Social media has made friends and families grow apart and not closer. Social media can cause suicide from cyber bullying. Social media can cause rape and sex trafficking! kids on social media are seeing inappropriate things they shouldn't see. SOCIAL MEDIA is causing so many more issues and nobody is noticing and it is very upsetting knowing there is nothing you can do about it alone.

2 months ago
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