Socialism is superior than Capitalism

November 9, 2019, 3:44 am

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i dont understand your reply.
"the government would build until a great decline"? what does that mean? what is the government building?

1 month ago

Capitalism allows for growth in the economy, and without it the government would build until a great decline is seen and would be drastic to the everyday working American and kill the economy indefinitely, although capitalism should require some control, socialism will fail while those of capitalist beliefs are in luxury.

1 month ago

socialism is a SPECTRUM of ideas, starting with regulated capitalism and ending in full blown communism.

are you promoting a more citizen minded government pushing more regulations and support? or the overnight seizing of private property and elimination of currency? those are very different extremes, and both of those have a ton of nuance within them as well. please elaborate.

1 month ago

define socialism

1 month ago
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