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May 11, 2017, 4:59 pm

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Existentialist, yes youre also a stupid goat fornicator so well done for proving that.

1) Yes those who were arrested were part of the coup and the FEW who were journalists, were also coup sympathisers, dumbass. No issue with that at all.

2)Lmao, yes, President Truman used chemical weapons on Vietnam even though his term finished 2 years before the Vietnam war even started and 8 years before chemical weapons were used there! lmao you dumbshit cunt why dont you know anything? stop getting everything wrong! also, no body is "muddying the waters" here except you, you sibling f***ing goat fornicator. Its not up to debate or your retarded imagination whether or not the US committed war crimes because people far more intelligent than you have already assessed that what was done with regards to the chemical weapons by the US was illegal. Yet none punished them. As a result, fair is fair is fair and if one president (assad) should be ousted because of it, then so should the US presidents be tried in a FAIR and UNBIASED court. Unbiased means no AMERICAN judges etc. Assad, however, never used chemical weapons AT ALL and the opposite has not been proven with a shread of evidence and so he is guilt free.

3) Once again, i already explained the Crimes issue. Crimea IS russian, you stupid f***. th RSFR gave Crimea as a GIFT to the UkSFSR when they were part of the USSR and therefore one nation. It only makes sense that when they break up into separate countries, Russia takes back what is their rightful land and their rightful Russian speaking civilian population. Why are you so stupid amd why dont you know anything about history? dumbf***. PS stop with the Mccarthyism, you goatf***er. you dont know shit and all you do is repeat bullshit propaganda. dumbass.

2 years, 4 months ago


1) were you born stupid or are you purposefully pretending not to know how many IS bombings have happened in turkey? even france is in a state of emergency and they have had less attacks than turkey and are not right next to a warzone, you complete imbecile. So yes, they are in a state of emergency because theyve had multiple terror attacks and are right next to the land where American proxy terror groups are operating, unlike other countries which are in a state of emergency despite being quite far from the warzone. Also, you lying (and/or stupid) goatf***ing whore, Erdogan did not arrest thousands of people because of the referendum. The people who were arrested were arrested for having ties to the failed COUP, which i dont think youre aware of. All govts take strict measures in such situations. what do you want to happen? do you want another coup to take place wherein they successfully take over and then you goatf***ers have an excuse to make turkey into a warzone too? stfu goatf***er. The referendum was legitimate.

2) oh really? says who? because until 2011 nobody even mentioned Assads imaginary war crimes. the only people who think he has committed them are brain dead idiots like you. He is not a mass murderer. Even if chemical weapons were used, why wasnt the American president executed for using them on Vietnam to keep it a French colony? why wasnt Bush prosecuted amd given the death pen for starting an illegal war which led to the deaths of millions? what happened to the delegitimacy of their regime? as it is clear, you dont have 2 brain cells to rub together that can produce a coherent, logical argument. what a pity, ignorant goatf***er.

3)Oh yes, Russia does follow international law and the only ones who laugh at that fact are brain dead goatf***ers like you. its russia who asks for govt permission before airstriking a country, not the US. incase you werent aware, the US is illegally airstriking syria whereas russia asked for permission, you dimwit. the referendum of crimea proved that the crimeans identified as russians, i mean why the f*** wouldnt they since they are Russian? they even speak russian you impotent shitbag!

well done for once again proving you know shit all about anything.

2 years, 4 months ago

and your certainty the chemicals belonged to the rebels comes from where?

2 years, 4 months ago

1) he held a referendum while enforcing a state of emergency. he has arrested or fired thousands of people, including large numbers of reporters. you cannot hold a legitimate referendum under martial law while cracking down on people's right to dissent. the vote was illegitimate.

2) Assad has committed so many war crimes that it doesn't even matter if the chemical attack was him or not. he is a mass murderer. he had lost all legitimacy to rule.

3) Russia invaded Crimea, the lied that they were invading Crimea, they held a referendum while militarily occupying Crimea and then annexed it. literally no part of that chain of events was legal. it is laughable that anyone would argue that Russia follows international law.

2 years, 4 months ago

We can start off by establishing that youre all brain dead idiots.

firstly, you pathetic morons had a sissy fit over the turkish referendum even though majority of turks voted in favour of it and all it did was plan to make the system closer to what the US already f***ing has. it is a known fact that the pres-pm system is weaker than the pres system and since the US wouldnt want a strong turkish govt, they propagated some bs about it and you f***wits all believed it.

secondly, you all supported Trumps attack on the military bases 2 days after the alleged Assad chemical attack even though there was no proof whatsoever to say it was assad. almost 2 months later, there is STILL no proof to say it was Assad. you goatf***ers should literally be ashamed of yourselves!

thirdly, you all attack russia over baseless accusations when from the 5 un security council members, theyre one of the 2 who actually even follow international law (the other being China). You bitch about Crimea when Crimea is Russian anyway and f***ing agreed to join the Russian federation.

Theres much more to say but the fact is that you all think youre enlightened lmfao but really youre all dimwits.

2 years, 4 months ago

the end.

2 years, 4 months ago
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