something came from nothing

February 5, 2020, 2:48 pm

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in the future, try to paraphrase the arguments in your own words instead of just copy pasting.

science discovered the universe had a beginning. we have no information on what caused that beginning, or what was before the beginning. i dont understand how we dont know turns into "it must be god". it simply means we dont know.

cliche science misinformation, i knew this was the argument before i even clicked.

2nd claim. something can come from nothing using the laws of nature. therefore the laws of nature predate, work beyond and within our universe. and that is god.

except god is also supposed to be a sentient, conscious being able to exercise free will. forces of nature work automatically the same everywhere and everytime. i dont think any religious person would accept a nonsentient automaton as their god. so no.

2 months ago
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hey I just came across this Video supposedly proofing God through science. I'm skeptic but would love to hear your thoughts.

2 months ago

its not impossible as per quantum fluctuations, it happens all the time. the quantum world is indeed weird.

2 months ago
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