Stars Wars The Force Awakens was good

January 7, 2016, 9:58 pm

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Han solos death wasn't really a twist I mean did you really think Disney was going to pay Harrison ford even more money just for nastalja? There was nothing incredibly new with this movie. At all. Hey look a death star on steroids let's blow it up. Hey look a future Jedi raised on a dessert planet. Hey look a droid carrying information for the dessert child to find. Coincidence? Or just a polished remake.

4 years ago

Monster. You are wrong. Even my phone agreed and said you were wrong too and therefore you must certainly be wrong. rip off or not, it was a good movie and you can expect it to take a gigantic twist the next episodes.

4 years ago

It was literally just new hope with a bigger death star.

4 years ago

It wasn't original, clearly ripping off or following past plots. There were also plenty of holes and questions. However it wasn't bad, and most questions can be filled up by "writer's convince timing" (not as bad as it sounds, directs the characters directly to where they should then wandering instead of pointless wandering) or that it is a different universe, with different things from imaginable to inconceivable. Even though the villain wasn't that great either it can be explained as 1. He wasn't meant to be (no spoilers) or 2. Room for improvement in future films. All in all, definitely not worse than the first or second, and used props and cgi well balanced. Well made, despite lacking severely in some points, though future movies can justify, we'll have to wait and see. Though the (MAJOR SPOILER, without names) major death scene is something that wasn't even emotional. Not "not that emotional", it was " we saw it coming, that was drawl, try harder would you?"

Good movie

4 years ago
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