Sticks and stones may break my bones but there will always be something that offend a feminist

June 1, 2017, 12:04 pm

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How is wonder woman a feminist character besides being a strong woman lead? are you saying a woman can't lead a movie without depending on some male character and not be feminist? Does that make all the strong male lead movies manist? a woman lead should not instantly qualify something as a feminist movie and the fact that it does shows how unequal women are.

Amazon's are feminist, the man hating feminists the alt right obsesses about, but that fact predates wonder woman, dc, America, and modern liberalism / conservatism / western society as we know it. They were an ethnicity despised all men and wonder woman was the one convincing them to open up to the rest of the world and accept men. this is almost anti feminism as you (right) see modern feminism.

And where I got my idea of "they should stay home", well it's more extreme than most anti woman alt right views but it comes across quite often. I got it this time from the national review, a less extreme right wing publication, and their review of the wonder woman movie. however the general animosity to any concern woman raise makes that sentiment very clear.

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lol. my dick and balls are cancer free and can fit comfortably with some slight space.

manspreading is this:
wide spread as far as the knees can go. having a big dick doesn't explain this, you would have to be mutated to require that much room.

It's disgusting and it's wrong. and it's mostly done by men because women are programmed from a young age to keep their legs closed.... Or they are disgusting rachets. So yes, man spreading is 99% men and manspreading is the appropriate name you PC pansy. (conservatives just can't help but be uber hypocrites when it comes to the PC issue)

Btw you are citing nothing. buzzfeed is a massive online publication. I'm sure someone writes an op ed or some article about feminism once in a blue and bury it deep in the site. I never said no one talks about feminism EVER. I said it's not a big deal except for on right wing sources where they bring them up DAILY!!!

Do you not see the difference between an insignificant article once a blue and front page daily?!?

And btw, your video, when he was showing women putting bags on chairs is

1) both men and women far more equally then man spreading (except for in the ghettoest hoods and the trashiest trailer parks)

But also

2) the bus/ train where they showed them putting bags down LOOKED EMPTY.
nobody cares if you manspread or put your bags on a seat in a half empty train. heck lie down and take a nap if there's plenty of room. that's obviously not a problem.
unlike the manspreading images i linked which are all on fully crowded trains.
good job.

But go figure, not only does the right mock liberals for the words of individual, unelected, nonrepresentative nobodies, they also get their points from similar nobodies, which would explain why they crumble at the slightest bit of thought and context.

2 years, 2 months ago

XD that's a good video

2 years, 2 months ago
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Have you ever had a d-ck and balls? If so, I think you would sit a bit differently. People who spread their legs do it because it feels good, and maybe they are just being inconsiderate. It is not only limited to the male gender like you make it seem.

Wonder Woman rooted from a feminist background, so it can be considered a "feminist" movie. However, I honestly could care less. Wonder Woman is a fully developed character that I am excited to see, no matter the reviews. That being said, I have no idea where this came from. "are the only thoughts you have when you see a woman doing something is "what the F is she doing outside of the kitchen!?!"" Like really?

"the alt right is obsessed with feminism when everyone else barely talks about it" Lmfao. I suppose you never heard of Buzzfeed and MTV.

These are pretty entertaining. Seems to get my point across.

2 years, 2 months ago

in contrast, a reviewer of games and movies I trust (angry joe on YouTube) also released a review for this movie, and specifically mentioned a lack of man hating and not shoving feminism down your throat

except for a few scenes from the actual
amazon island but Amazon's have been man haters since ancient times.... that's their whole thing. they wouldn't be Amazon's if they didn't, and if it's treated like any other wonderwoman story, the whole point is she tries to prove them wrong and eventually works with different men (superman, batman, ww1 men) to save the world.

wonder woman usually fights the anti man Amazon stereotype while still being a kick a** female lead, which, imo, is the only characteristic fembashers notice and hate (or fear, idk)

2 years, 2 months ago

here's another example of right wing feminism obsession:

a movie review for wonder woman with the title "what does a wonder womanchild want" even tho the review never says anything about her being childish and mostly talks about it lacking depth and her being a "standard bearer" (isn't that the opposite of childish?) in their actual review.

So where did "womanchild" come from? and constantly criticizing it for being a "feminist" movie with "woman warrior" scenes (as opposed to the depth of Snyder's other characters) cause you know, his male superheroes never have man warrior scenes...

I didn't watch the movie, and it's fully possible that it lacked depth or whatever (although I have generally heard good things) the obsession of sneaking in typical alt right female bashing is so childish and clearly driven by a political perspective. are we not allowed to have female leads without it being a feminist movie? are women not allowed to have strong characters? are the only thoughts you have when you see a woman doing something is "what the F is she doing outside of the kitchen!?!"

the alt right is obsessed with feminism when everyone else barely talks about it (because their mission is mostly complete and there is little for them to do aside from gradual social change they really can't protest away) you guys are right, they are mostly done... which is why no one brings up their issues much... except for the alt right. always, daily, like a bunch of whiny haters that don't like anything woman that doesn't come out of a kitchen or a bedroom.

but they always make room for bashing other groups too... or every group that isn't them.

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have you ever been on a crowded subway?

2 years, 2 months ago

The "alt right" makes fun of the retards who think manspreading is a thing that seriously affects them.

2 years, 2 months ago
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lol, the only major feminist protest or outcry in 2 decades was the protest over trump. feminists haven't been the ones offended by everything... that would be you alt right subscribers.

the only places that regularly talk about feminism are websites like the national review, brietbart, and the like, and they talk about them daily!

sorry but feminists are not the butthurt 'tards here

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