Stop premature Christmas decorating

October 9, 2015, 4:20 pm

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you are getting me wrong. i mean does that decorations hurt someone. no. than why should we suggest someone to stop decorating, they are just showing off there excitement and happiness. if someone spread rumors about someone i will surely suggest them that they should stop because its wrong.

4 years ago

if someone gets happy by spreading rumors about you would you tell them to stop, or would you let them do it because it makes them happy. Have you ever suggested to anyone to do something, or to not do something.

4 years ago

ok you are suggesting but why should tell people or suggest people to stop something which is making them happy. why suggest something which will take away their happiness.

4 years ago

I see because I agreed you think I'm stopping people from their rights because I believe something. I by agreeing to this am telling people to stop, suggesting not forcing them to stop.

4 years ago

I never said stop it. I said I'm sick of it and most people think of Christmas as presents, food, and Christmas tv.

4 years ago

if something make someone happy we have no right for stopping them.

4 years ago

Yes, Christmas is too much today, too much decirarions, tv shows/movies, too much Santa, too much everything, all too early.

I'm sick of all it.

4 years ago
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