Strict gun laws do not work

August 7, 2016, 8:19 am

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"Gun free zones do not work like they are supposed too and confiscation will cause a civil war no matter how much Obama praises it. What are your solutions to solving the gun issue?"

gun free zones do work. even you praised the idea of a gun free convention in fear someone would shoot trump. courts, bars, casinos, many places should be gun free.

and when did Obama ever call for confiscation?

3 years ago

In what way do you think mentally ill people and terrorists account for the gun violence problems? There has been almost 1 mass shooting for every day in the last year.

Beyond that there is gun related crime, crimes of passion amd accidents. All of these are improved by gun laws that restrict easy access to guns.

3 years ago

When we look at the facts, we can see mentally ill people and terrorist commit these mass shootings, nobody else. We see a loophole where mentally ill people can buy guns. This is one problem that can be easily fixed.

Whereas, for terrorism it is very complicated. We can ban assualt rifles, but terrorist will use bombs instead. Are we going to outlaw bombs? We already did and they continue to use them and this says alot.

We have to take terrorism on at a different outlook than just guns because these people will find a way to kill regardless. They will use trucks for instance or they will smuggle weapons in as the did in France, maybe both.

The American people will be disadvantaged from their right to own assualt rifles if we improperly pursue this.

3 years ago

controling the gun problem will undoubtedly take a long time in America without an extremely radical solution. that is just the reality. so it will be long and difficult process, but that just means that you should start sooner rather than later and not make the problem worse by dumping more guns on the problem of guns.

and you're right, having a gun free zone in a city where you can buy an assault weapon doesn't make a whole lot of sense. but the gun free zone isn't the problem, the massive number of easily accessible guns are.

3 years ago

You cannot determine that since x works here it will work at x place. There are numerous other factors that contribute to the success of some laws.

Gun free zones do not work like they are supposed too and confiscation will cause a civil war no matter how much Obama praises it. What are your solutions to solving the gun issue?

3 years ago

Strict and rigidly enforced gun laws can work, but there are also social factors. England has very strict gun laws, and they are working just fine.

3 years ago

depending on your definition of strict. bare bone gun laws clearly don't work.

3 years ago
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