Students should be banned from using handphones in school. Discuss

April 3, 2015, 6:23 am

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Last year my little sister collapsed in math class and went into a full blown seizure, children were chaotic and screaming as the teacher attempted to control them and reach the principal through the intercom. As the ambulance arrived to transport my sister to the hospital, you can probably guess that my parents (specifically my mother) needed to be contacted. The thing is that me and my siblings aren't bad kids, all of us being kind and respectful while achieving top notch grades. So every time the school contacts my mother it is always to deliver these annoying 30 minute updates on upcoming events that most of us have already heard in class. Since most of my mother's work happens over the phone and roughly 55% of the time she is in meetings, she answers the phones for emergencies and work. The school not being on that list. My mother has already informed us to only contact her in case of an emergency using our personal devices. I'm inclined to believe that if my brother did not offer his principal his personal phone to call my mother, it would have been very difficult to reach her. True, not all children use their phones productively, but for the ones that do, they shouldn't be banned. Or at least there should be a special policy.

4 years, 9 months ago
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