The biblical God is not a god worth bowing down to. nWhy or why not

December 20, 2018, 4:12 pm

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I wouldn't bow down to anyone who demands bowing down to, but I do believe he deserves praise for creation of the world and my life. (this is assuming cannonicity, his existence and role still being an open question).

as for his alleged properties, I dont think they contradict each other as much as they contradict his ability to have free will. either way, I dont think we will be able to tell the difference between all powerful and extremely powerful. a computer programmer isnt all powerful, but he certainly seems that way from inside the program. similarly, a t-1000 terminator would seem pretty godly in the middle ages.... but is objectively not omni anything.

as for the contradiction: if he knows all moves he can make in a situation (omniscience), has the power to carry them all out (omnipotence), and would only choose the best one (omnibenevolence), then he has no choice but to pick and carry out the best one. this makes him less a conscious father figure, and more an unconscious force of nature.

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His omni- description is kind of debatable, but I do agree that the omni-god is obviously a paradox. But, my statement is more of a moral one, than an ontological one.

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the biblical God is an omni- paradox. he can't be omnibenevolant, omnipotent, and omnipowerful. look it up.

3 weeks, 2 days ago
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