The Clinton Foundation is corrupt

August 24, 2016, 7:05 pm

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it started doing its pay for play corruption in 2009, the same year Hillary became secretary of state. the Clinton Foundation is highly connected to corrupt politics and money donated to the charity will be better used elsewhere so don't argue "people will die without the Clinton Foundation"

3 years ago

I guess it is laid in fact that it is in fact corrupt.

3 years ago

This is the same foundation that takes in money from terrible countries that stand for terrible things, that gave a top job to a nobody who had no experience for the job unless you factor the amount of money he donated to the foundation, and this is the same foundation who held half of the meetings when Clinton was in office to countries and people that donated to the foundation. Can anybody literally connect the dots?
It is run by the same person who had a meeting with Lorreta Lynch on an airplane when Hillary was under investigation, not to mention it was supposed to be secret too. The same person who will not release Wall Street speeches until Bernie releases his. (Problem: He has, because there is none.) Don't bring up Trump, lets just talk about the Clintons.

3 years ago
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