The definition of the word gay should changed

July 1, 2015, 4:21 pm

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1) Changing the word will not stop bigotry or hate. Many racial slurs are banned, but people are still racist. Banning the words people use doesn't stop the hate, at best it just changes how it is expressed. The only way to change the sentiment is to work on the root cause of the hate and intolerance, which unfortunately in this case is unlikely to be effective since it is largely religiously based.

2) Calling something gay because it is stereotypically associated with homosexual people would not change the fact that the behavior or item would still be stereotypically associated with them. Changing the word would simply change what people call everything currently associated with it. The only way to change this would be to change what stereotypes are associated with homosexuality.

I don't doubt that language will continue to change and mutate as it always has, but I don't feel that forcing a vocabulary change would accomplish anything meaningful.

5 years ago

reason 1: it will take away a word used for bigotry that originally was used for joy, reason 2: many people when they say gay are talkin less about an actuall homosexual and more the stereotype of one, a stereotypical metrosexual, this will mean you could be straight and "gay" and homosexual and co pletely un "gay"

5 years ago
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