The egg came before the chicken because if the chicken came first it Wouldn't have been born

June 21, 2015, 12:05 am

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So what you are saying is that you have no idea, and nothing constructive to contribute, but you wanted to comment anyways.

If God created life, would He have created thousands of eggs (2 for each species of egg laying creature)? No, he would have made the creatures fully formed, as the Bible says he did. Therefore from that belief, the chicken would have come first.

5 years ago

i can tell that god create amazing in our life and because of this the scientist cant solve everything and egg question is just fail question if you want the answer when you will die you will ask for the God

5 years ago

I would have to agree with everything sosocratese said.

If it could only be a chicken egg if it was laid by a chicken, you have specified the outcome be fore asking the question. If it is simply a matter of any egg containing a chicken is a chicken egg then, since mutation cannot occur after the egg is laid, the first chicken would have been born from the first chicken egg. Either way the question becomes a foregone conclusion, it just depends on which way you define the variables. I would say that any egg containing a chicken is a chicken egg because we could theoretically clone a chicken in a lab, in which case no egg was laid by a chicken, but the creature created would still be a chicken.

5 years ago

When you look at evolution, the egg has been around for a lot longer than chickens. If you believe chickens evolved, then it is likely from some other avian ancestor, or further back, a reptile. All of their ancestors laid eggs. Chickens were definitely not the earliest bird to lay eggs. So the chicken necessarily comes after the egg.

5 years ago

oh yeah actually thats a good point I suppose the thing is is it the first egg that has a chicken inside or the first egg to hatch from a chicken

5 years ago

It's very simple. If you believe in evolution, then the egg must have come first. If you believe in creationism, the chicken must have come first.

The evolutionist would have to believe the egg came first because the parents of the first chicken would not have been chickens, they would have been something similar, but less evolved. Therefore, they would have to lay an egg with the first chicken inside.

The creationist must believe the chicken came first because God created the chicken and created it with the ability to lay eggs.

5 years ago

I think the chicken came first (if your talking about 'chicken' eggs) psyche Dave is right about eggs being around, but I think a chicken came before a chicken egg.
Chickens had to evolve from something, and evolution comes from mutations that have an evolutionary advantage. so say there was some bird thing, and it laid so eggs and in one of the eggs the bird had a mutation that caused it to be different, this happened down several generations until the bird was now completely different from the original one and they could no longer interbreed successfully and became a new species, the chicken, when this chicken laid an egg it would be the first chicken egg :)

5 years ago

I did not have enough space to specify chicken egg or I would have fish are irrelevant in this particular scenario I am specifically talking about a chicken egg

5 years ago

The egg came first because fish were laying eggs long before chickens were around. Reptiles have also been around for millions of years, laying their eggs, which predates chickens jumping on the bandwagon.

5 years ago
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