The Left Don't Just Disagree They Hate

April 13, 2020, 8:34 pm

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look.. you right.
that's the whole point of the distinctions.
left... hates the vision of tommorow
that right
right hates the vision if tommorow that left holds.

civilization and decorum and consensus based decision making and Roberts freaking rules of order etc
allows for debate and decision making without too much venom and political.murders....
but we are not leftist because we like either. democrat or Republican right to life or pro choice blah blah blah...

we are all either
rebels who simply feel we deserve a fairer share of the pie.

or were radicals
who simply want the whole oven gone and exchanged for our proverbial microwaves.

the post democracy post constitutional american era.... does not support and in fact has no place for conservativism....vs...radicalism...

1 year ago

at what point does the opinion of some members of a group becomes the representative opinion of the group?

is it representative of the number of individuals? what if others in the group actively disagree?

1 year ago

Hate is on both sides, and not everyone on both sides just hates, I hope you know that.

1 year ago

Illegals are not ordinary people.

1 year ago
replied to...

congradulations, you named a whole bunch of political issues with no mention of what the left is doing wrong.

so far mcconnel wants to add more support to big corporations and wall street, while "the dems" are the ones voicing for more money for ordinary people. is that "the pork"?

your arguments are full of pork. just sensational screaming.

1 year ago

I am not talking about the Coronavirus epidemic. Besides, the Republicans are doing a good job at helping the American people, unlike the Dems who keep on stonewalling the bills to fill it full of pork. I am talking about issues such as gay marriage, freedom of religion, abortion and capitalism. The Conservatives never try silencing the opposition and don't attack the Left with hateful speech.

1 year ago
replied to...

so far the left mostly talks about helping people get through a crisis or support them in their daily life.

meanwhile you, and parts of the right preach a hateful us vs them mentality.

you are the one who demands your king be beyond criticism and shames any dissent. you are the fascist.

1 year ago

The Lefts purpose is to crush dissent. Very Fascistic.

1 year ago
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