The life of woman in present day is horrible can anyone dare to come to this discussion on woman

December 24, 2018, 4:23 am

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even in places like Muslim Arab, the population is becoming more secular and progressive, from a second hand viewpoint, and womens lives are improving everywhere around the globe

7 months, 3 weeks ago
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women's social statues are different from country to country

7 months, 4 weeks ago
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yeah, I agree. the title of the thread was more then a bit exxagerated. that's why i asked "present day where?" in case they were from the middle east... but it's not like the treatment of women was better in the mid east past. at best it was about the same.

8 months ago

women's lives in America are not horrible there may be room for improvement but it's ridiculous to say there horrible especially considering the fact how horrible alot of women's life's are in the middle East anyway on the whole Hillary thing idk you might be right to be honest I think it's dumb that people felt it necessary to criticize her clothing rather then her policies that's immature

8 months ago
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who is arguing their lives are worse now?

also, more opportunity doesnt mean equality. women have equal legal rights, but massive social double standards. for example, nobody cared what trump or Bernie were wearing or how much both of them yelled, but when it comes to hillary, her pant suit and yelling were the only things everyone was talking about...

8 months ago

women have equality and more opportunity then ever in America today and yet there are still some who keep arguing that women's lives are worse now then they were back when they did not have equality I don't understand this way of thinking

8 months ago

I don't think so. Nowadays women have so many opportunities as never.

8 months ago

and present day where?
at what point was it better?

8 months ago
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