The new gun laws are designed to punish those who recently graduated highschool

March 1, 2018, 11:03 am

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I will push it further. With that much education, an 18 year old should have global permit.
Buying and selling guns come with moral cost.
It is those who abuse and misuse the guns who are not being targeted by those claiming institution of gun laws.
The thorns placed by these people calling themselves lawmakers are easily avoided by the actual people doing the killings and robbings, they are only harming people forced to obey their laws.

1 year ago

How is 12 years of education valued so cheaply and unworthy of self-defensive permits from the older generation?

1 year ago

18 is and graduating high school is for a young man to decide on raising a family or going to college, or picking up arms on behalf of a government, even killing on the behalf of the government. Graduation at 18 should not mean you are a disarmed victim, only prey for the predators older than you, and already have guns in which they are using to rob or kill civilians regardless of their age or have finished high school.

1 year ago

They are designed to give advantage to those who never got a diploma, only approval from older cronies to have a gun. In the battle of the educated versus those who ascribe to the might makes right slogan. This is why the conditions for a gun are not based on one finishing highschool, it's based upon loyalty to the cronies. 60, 70 year old men are jealous of newcomers to this Earth, and naturally will say or do anything to prevent those who have shown them no loyalty from facing off against their personal goons and mercenaries.

1 year ago
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