The outrage Over the Confederate is pointless. People are thinking the government banned it

June 29, 2015, 1:29 am

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Many people are under the impression that the reason companies are pulling products with the Confederate flag is because of government action. I have yet to see any news outlet claiming the same, but many people seem to think that the government is behind it.

As to your point about government buildings, I agree that while it is part of the history, it should not be flown over government buildings. That is not the part that I see as being pointless. What I see as being pointless is ceasing to sell Dukes of Hazard toys because their car has a Confederate flag on it or not selling documentaries about the civil war because they contain the flag. There are many products that contain the flag that are in no way tied to racism that are being discontinued because of the fear of backlash over the flag. This is an overreaction that doesn't serve anyone. I obviously can't speak for everyone, but that is the part that I find pointless.

5 years ago

So, I'm seeing two arguments here. I'll address the easier one first.
"People think the government banned [the confederate flag]".
I don't know of too many people who believe the flag was banned. It seems more likely that people believe the government is no longer flying it due to the racial undertone it has. Since there are no stories of the government forcing private citizens to remove the flags from their private property etc... I don't know why anyone would have reason to believe that the government is banning it (aside from irrational fear of course, this fear is not held by a majority of the populous in this situation so I don't think it's a valid argument).

"The outrage over the confederate [flag] is pointless"
I don't know exactly what you mean by pointless in this situation. I guess it would depend on the motivating factors of the opposition or support. If German capital buildings flew the Nazi flag as a symbol of heritage, would the Jewish population be pointless in opposing such an action? Would support of such be pointless? The latter is probably pointless.....So I guess it depends which side you're claiming lacks a point to be made.

5 years ago

it IS an overreaction. I know first hand. I was born and raised in Alabama. I see the full reaction personally...not just what u see on tv or social media

5 years ago

The government didn't ban the flag, they just wanted to remove the one flown at the legislature. Companies like Amazon and Apple do seem to have banned it altogether, but they have the right to sell, or not sell, anything they want. It does seem like an absurd overreaction though.

5 years ago

Banned it completely when that's not true. Add to this debate and I'll reply. U seeing this PsycDave?

5 years ago
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