The Supreme Court made the right decision about gay marriage.

June 26, 2015, 4:02 pm

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I'm not stopping you from having or expressing your opinion, I'm saying if you believe the court should have upheld banning gay marriage, you believe it should have imposed your beliefs on gay people.

If the court upheld the ban on same-sex marriage, people who oppose it are still free to believe that being gay is wrong, but gay people are not free to get married. Those who oppose them have denied them that right.

If the court allows gay marriage, people like yourself are still free to feel that being gay is wrong, and still free to express that. As long as you aren't being hateful (which is a crime) your right to have an opinion has not been impacted at all. No one is going to force you or anyone else into a gay marriage, so your life will in no way be impacted. The only thing that has changed is now gay people are free to marry the person they love.

Finally, I am in no way trying to stop you from having an opinion. If your opinion is that it is right to deny gay people the right to marry, but wrong for someone to force their values on another, you are a hypocrite. If you are alright with that, that's fine but you are on an app for debating. If you didn't want people to point out inconsistencies in your arguments, you came to the wrong place.

5 years ago

And plus, you just can't stop people having their own opinions so i say, stop :)

5 years ago

You see, that's the thing, actually. I am NOT forcing anybody to think the way I do. And if you think by only believing what i believe is forcing my opinion on somebody, then i am sorry but YOU'RE forcing your opinion on ME. So yes, They can whatever they want to with their lives, Who am i to say anything? But thay DOESN'T mean that i have to agree or believe in everything they are doing with/in their lives.

5 years ago

By saying that you disagree with the ruling that marriage is a right that people should be able to expect because you think it is against nature, you are saying that your opinion should be forced on everyone. If the court ruled that banning gay marriage was acceptable, that means that those who disagree with it can force their beliefs on those who believe differently.

For context, if someone tried to ban interracial marriages as being against nature, would you feel that to be acceptable? Most people would not, regardless of if they were in such a relationship themselves. If someone else wants to be with a man or woman has no impact on my life, so I don't see how I should have any say in what they can or cannot do.

5 years ago

I only like it, bc now I hopefully won't have to hear them complain about discrimination and their rights anymore. They have them now so hopefully people "coming out" and gays getting married isn't a big deal anymore bc it's really not in my opinion

5 years ago

Im not forcing my opinion om anybody but that doesn't mean that i don't think this is wrong. Its just against the rules of nature, period.

5 years ago
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