The US population should remain armed

September 19, 2018, 11:56 pm

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"This is a place where illegal weapons are trafficked in from Indiana"

this seems to be a key problem.

I'm more concerned about guns coming up in non crime situations, like road rage, domestic abuse, debts, cheating, etc. they make killing too easy.

also, if everyone's armed, the criminal knows what will happen, meanwhile your gun is at your waist with the safety on. wouldnt it be better if neither was armed?

2 years ago

I'm in Illinois with a concealed carry permit, we are one of the most strict states when it comes to fire arms. The catch 22 is that we have the highest murder rate in the country lol. This is a place where illegal weapons are trafficked in from Indiana and people blame the Constitution and call for stricter gun laws ??

You can't walk anywhere in the city at night without knowing it's a good idea to keep your head over your shoulder. I've been robbed and jumped before. The first time I didn't have a gun, I almost got my car stolen . The second time I had a gun and it saved my life. Leave the laws as they are, crack down on illegal weapons deals and stop blaming the Constitution, blame moronic people.

2 years ago

Although our constitution allowes us to be armed there are many who do not properly lock up there weapons and then there's is a possibility of children getting ahold of those arms and harming themselves or others. Then there is the topic or shooters, for example school shooters. Young adults and teenagers that are unstable are buying weapons off of the street and going to there school and killing other teenagers. We should completely stop the possibility of these things.

2 years ago
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