The whole world is ruled by a handful of people

March 26, 2017, 6:42 am

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even if they are changed frequently, having decision power in so few people is dangerous. in the US, certainly party and congressional leaders have more power than other individuals, but the freedom caucus has brought down one majority leader and are frustrating the current one.

but these leaders do not have absolute power, even amongst themselves. can they seize property or declare martial law willy nilly without a good reason? no. obviously the people do not make decisions or craft legislation, but that doesn't make them powerless.

2 years, 5 months ago

Well, i have to say that years ago, when i was a teenager i used to think that. But now i'm in law university. I see the way my society works and yes, in my country the political power is held by a handful of people (5 or 6). Those are the biggest party leaders and the prime minister. They meet like 3 times per week in order to make decisions. In their meetings sometimes they invite important people around to council them (like corporations, universities or philosophers)

But let me explain:

Each one of those people has different interests. When they meet they fight and negociate all the time.

They choose who they invite but they allow other people(experts) to participate to the influence of society.

Last but not least, this group of power change each 5 years. The old members are replaced by new fresh ones.

So.. under these circomstances i belive that it is right to let them do so.

2 years, 5 months ago

used to think like this, but in recent years I stepped away from a world illuminati to a more nation by nation and a more divided ruler class that is more in competition with each other than unified into a cohesive council.

I also think the amount and power of these rulers varies from country to country. dictatorships usually have very few, maybe just 1 family or a tight group of friendish people. corrupt non dictatorships / oligarchies like Russia have a larger group, but they hold equivalent power over their nation like dictatorship nations.

here in the US thanks to the founders and divided government the number of people holding this power and the disunity amongst them is much greater. they also hold much less power in total than other nations allowing the people voice and choice. however I do think the Republican leadership is trying to turn us into an oligarchy like russia. I consider this a coup d'etat and they are traitors against the people who went well beyond the typical cross party political corruptness.

2 years, 5 months ago
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