There are everyday heroes all around us

August 20, 2014, 1:43 pm

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Heroes are are mostly known in comics with the unique rob like Batman or Superman. Let me tell you something about Indonesian’s heroes. We call them warriors or “pejuang” in Bahasa. As an Indonesian citizen, I’m so proud of having a lot of heroes for our Independence for example, Soekarno-Hatta as the 1st President of Indonesia and Moh.Hatta as the 1st Vice President of Indonesia. In fact, it is a convenience to be a hero for people around us. For example, when others ask you the direction to go somewhere, you help them by telling the exact direction or you may take them to the place they want to go. Smallest thing can be a big thing for people who need.

5 years ago

The parents that scrimped and saved for their child's education, the young lady who helps an old woman across the street, the driver who stops to help change a flat tire, and even the taxpaying citizen who goes to work everyday and takes care of his yard. Society functions not because of laws and men with guns, it functions because people are intrinsically good.

5 years ago
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