There may be a spiritual reality. That given no religion has succeeded in describing it correctly

February 17, 2015, 3:58 pm

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Every spirituality describes a spiritual reality. There are broad concepts they share in common - afterlife, prophets, religious text, etc... Of these things they make specific statements, describe specific rules and make the claim that they are true and others are false. As for this argument, what I am saying is that there may be a specific spiritual reality - a specific afterlife, a specific deity or creator, a specific soul or spiritual powers. But no religion or spirituality has accurately captured this reality. Logically, if one did, it would be apparent enough to attract a majority of spiritualists, in the same way that scientists achieve a majority consensus from time to time on certain facts or theories. Although some religions contain lots of followers, for example Islam has the most believers, but the majority of humans are not Muslim, or Christian, or Buddhist. Therefore it is unlikely that any of these religions are true, or that any spirituality describes the truth of existence. This does not mean there is no spiritual reality - we ought stop relying on the religions and spiritualities that exist and develop new spiritual ideologies (and not in the cult-like way modern groups like Scientology manage to do).

5 years, 5 months ago

If by spiritual reality you mean some sort of consciousness out of body or after death, then whose to say that no single religion has depicted this phenomenon accurately. With no actual hard evidence that their is life after death or even the existence of the spirit, no one has the right to say that any persons belief is wrong. As it stands we know nothing about this subject so we have to remain tolerant of all beliefs. And on a side note you do realize that almost every religion speaks of a spiritual reality with some in great detail. So a statement so bold to say that no religion to ever exist has gotten it right would be narrow minded. Hay I could be wrong and you could be right, but it doesn't really matter cause we won't find out till we're dead anyway XP stop haten on religion!!! XD PEACE OUT!!!

5 years, 5 months ago
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