There should be more diversity in religious beliefs

April 15, 2017, 2:47 am

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the thing is, people honestly believe in these faiths. trying to force artificial diversity will not create true beliefs. it's like a high school girl trying to play matchmaker. it has to happen naturally or it will only create havoc.

what do you mean religious but not spiritual? do you mean following traditions and rituals like an automaton without any spiritual connection? it is my opinion that this is actually a very large group making up most of the people who claim themselves religious, and not just in modern times.

2 years, 5 months ago
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the only problem with that is best case scenario only one is right and everyone believes that it's there's and they have fought to the death over it. now do u really beleive we need more opinions just tossed in the mix? also that over half have picked those faiths so they would all disagree because again they beleive their right and they want others to beleive to and don't want more lies(other religions) to pop up.

2 years, 5 months ago

A third of the entire world is Christian. Muslims make up a fifth of the world too. More than half of the world is either Christian or Muslim. Christianity and Islam is pretty similar. Their God is very similar. Even Muhammad taught that Jesus was a prophet. There is a lot of diversity in religion, technically, yes, but most people choose one out of a handful of them. The vast majority of people are either Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. There really isn't much diversity. And the thing is, I see religion as something that "someone made up" at some time. That doesn't mean they are all wrong - there is truth to most of them, but if you can just "make something up", then why don't people have stronger convictions to believe in more than just four or five religions?

I know what you could say: "But there's a lot of people who are 'spiritual but not religious." There are a lot of those people, yes, and they all have a degree of difference between each other. Every person who fits that label could create their own religion, but they don't, because they aren't 'religious' enough to do it, despite having all the other necessary qualifications to doing so. Of course, they'll probably be mocked for what they believe, and that's most likely why they keep it to themselves. I digress.

There are a few people, who like me, are the opposite. People who are religious by not spiritual. This is a very small minority of people. I see a lot of good work being done in the name of Auguste Comte. I think the idea of having a religion centered towards natural things is a revolutionary concept, and I think it needs to be played out more. There's only a few religions that were under this umbrella, and many if not all of them died out.

I consider myself a transhumanist, and I highly agree with the works of Gray, Kurzweil, Rothblatt, More and the like to produce a more viable future for us and for our children someday. There is a transhumanist-naturalist religion called Terasem that I've looked into. The problem with that religion is that there are so few people actually taking charge of it that it hardly is even a religion at all. I tried multiple times to get into that faith and nobody ever returned my messages.

I guess my point is, is that this world could use more diversity in religions. I know Christianity has like 30,000 denominations, and then there is the non-denominational but they all believe the same book, the same creeds, look and feel are essentially the same.

2 years, 5 months ago
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